We were just getting to know the recently-reunited Andie and Jenna as their time on The Amazing Race was cut short in Ghana. We got a chance to chat with Andie about their time on The Amazing Race and whether or not she will ever drive a stick shift again.

Whose idea was it to get connected and be on the show?

“After we had written to one another for almost two years, we knew we would meet at some point, but had not planned when or how. One day I saw Jenna had tweeted “watching the Amazing Race – wish I could do it!” I too love the show and I knew enough from the letters to know that Jenna and I are both adventurous and love to travel. So I asked her if she wanted to apply and she immediately said yes!”

Did you have any favorite teams or teams you formed a friendship with

while on the Race? Anyone you’re rooting for?

“We made an alliance with the Princeton boys early on (while still in Boston). They are the ones who nicknamed us the Gilmore Girls and we decided to share information. When my car stalled in the middle of a roundabout outside London, they pulled over to help. That’s what kind of people they are! So, we’re definitely rooting for them, but we liked all the teams and honestly would be happy for any one of them to win.”

Do you have any plans to see each other or stay in contact now that

the Race is over?

“Yes, we’ll always keep in touch and be friends! We’re so grateful for the Race experience because we’ll always have these great memories together.”

What was your favorite experience or challenge on The Amazing Race?

“We both really loved spending the night at the pit stop at Eastnor Castle. We were on such a high after not being eliminated and the surroundings were just like a storybook. Another great memory was running through the airports with everyone cheering us on because they recognized we were on the Race – it was just really fun and surreal to feel like a celebrity for a moment in time!”

What do you think was your biggest stumbling block?

“Definitely the two bad cab drivers we got in Ghana. We were working great together and made no mistakes that leg, but the bad luck started with the first cab on the way to the Memorial (the driver ignored the map we had found online and took us way out of the way, causing us to arrive last at the first stop). Then, after we had made up some time at the Roadblock, we got a cab driver who insisted he knew the way to our next stop, but in fact took us to the opposite side of the city. That was very frustrating and ultimately cost us the Race, but at least we felt proud of ourselves for doing all the challenges so well.”

I’ve always wondered, what do you do on those long plane rides?

“We spent some of the time strategizing and planning. It was hard to sleep because we were so wired and ready to go. This of course meant that we ended up going many hours without sleep at all and that I think affected us, especially in England.”

Andie, have you driven a stick shift since your experience in England?

“No! I don’t know why, but nobody wants to lend me their car:-) Before the Race I had not driven a stick in many years. My husband took me out one day before the Race just to make sure I remembered how and I did fine, but I wasn’t driving on the right side, with my left hand, on narrow little roads full of roundabouts, while trying not let other teams pass me! The main factor there, too, was that it was stop and go traffic at one point and I forgot to lay off the clutch. After I figured out what I was doing wrong, I drove the rest of the way fine, but I will never live that down with my family and friends!”

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