After last week’s surprise elimination of David Hasselhoff, are we in for another shocker this week? Probably not.

We can’t know how viewers responded before tonight’s Dancing with the Stars: The Results Show, but there are some big indications out there. And none of them look good for Michael Bolton.

Alas, indications are all we have at the moment, as we anxiously await the results. Will the indications point us in the right direction? Or is there a Hasselhoff-sized upset coming our way?

Most likely to leave:
Michael Bolton (score = 12)
Unfortunately for Michael, that dance bombed. The moves weren’t precise, the musicality was lacking and he still looked stiff. Also, there was a doghouse.

Most deserving of elimination:
This is also Michael Bolton. Anyone else would be an upset.

Should be worried:
The Situation (score = 18)
He did improve a great deal, once he had some rehearsal time. But The Situation failed to bring the necessary seriousness or precision to his quickstep. That goofy grin didn’t help much either. It’s doubtful that anyone can steal the loss back from Michael Bolton, but The Situation is the best bet.

Margaret Cho (score = 18)
Despite obvious and noted improvement, the judges failed to give Margaret much in the way of points. If the crowd’s reaction is anything to go by, she’ll be fine, but negative judging can’t help Margaret’s chances.

Probably safe… For now:
Brandy (score = 21)
Brandy’s scores were pretty good, but her feedback was less so. After a stunning premiere week, Brandy needs to watch out for disappointment clouding the judges’ and viewers’ opinions. One bad week shouldn’t be a problem, but the future is in jeopardy.

Florence Henderson (score = 19)
Her dancing was lovely, and the judges seemed satisfied. But how long do voters want to keep a contestant still viewed (despite her performances) as the token “old person” of the season?

Kurt Warner (score = 21)
He had a lot of fun this week, and it showed — both in the dance and in Kurt’s scores. Still, there is a lingering stiffness in the quarterback’s movements that could play against him in weeks to come.

Rick Fox (score = 21)
He’s got the looks and the charm, but Rick also has that height. He deals with it well, but the judges are just looking for a slip-up to catch. Barring a terrible performance, Rick’s not leaving anytime soon, but there are tough fights ahead.

Better get used to them:
Bristol Palin (score = 22)
Defying predictions that she’d be a train wreck, Bristol is rapidly turning into a decent dancer. Her energy and non-star persona don’t hurt either, making it likely that Bristol will stick around for many weeks to come.

Kyle Massey (score = 22)
Wasn’t this the “nobody” that we’d lose in the first week or two? Talk about defying predictions! Kyle is cute and funny and entertaining. He can also dance! He’ll have to clean up his technique a bit if he wants to win it all, but Kyle’s in for the long haul.

Audrina Patridge (score = 23)
People didn’t know what to expect from this Hills star. But whatever expectations we had, the reality is an excellent dancer.

Jennifer Grey (score = 24)
Only awarding 24 points earned boos for the judges this week. The dance was that good. Sure, we’ve only seen two weeks, but Jennifer’s killed her dances in two very different styles. There’s no reason not to expect this to continue.

What do you think? Do you agree with these predictions, or will there be an upset?

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