This morning I had the pleasure of talking with Peter Sabasino, the last tapper standing and the latest dancer to be eliminated from season 6 of So You Think You Can Dance.

Peter chatted all about the unique position the trio of tappers were in on So You Think You Can Dance and answered the question we’ve all been wondering, if dancers can learn every other style in a couple of days, can’t they learn tap?

Do you think 30 seconds is long enough for a ‘dance for our life’ solo?

“I think that 30 seconds definitely is a tight time to show not only the judges but America who you are as a person. You really can’t do your best stuff in 30 seconds. I’d like to see the solos moved up to 45 seconds or a minute.”

What are your thoughts on taps place in a show like So You Think You Can Dance?

“I think it was time for tap to be on this show, and i definitely think the show needs more of it. I’m just proud 3 of us got to represent tap the way we need to be represented.”

Do you think tappers will be afraid to try out after all three tappers were eliminated early this season?

“No I think if anything it inspires tappers to audition for the show. If I can make it, any tapper can. I hope I inspired tappers to audition, all it takes is a little bit of belief in yourself.”

Were you shocked that Ryan Kasprzak wasn’t one of the three tappers who made season 6?

“I was very surprised because Ryan is an amazing tapper and an amazing person. And I feel like he was made for this show, so when I found out he was cut in Vegas I was very upset.”

Do you think that tappers face an unfair disadvantage on So You Think You Can Dance? Can other dancers learn tap?

“I know that a couple people can tap and it would have been nice to get my own style in a partnership. But I understand where the judges are coming from teaching someone to tap in the time we have. Still I think that tap is just as important as the other styles. I think that it would be nice if they attempted to have the other dancers learn tap. I understand you can’t teach everyone to tap in the time given. But I believe you can teach someone to do a time step or a Maxie Ford. I do think that tap dancers are at a little bit of an unfair disadvantage.”

How did you feel going in to last night’s results show?

“When the final three guys were revealed. I kind of expected it only because in the past seasons the couples with the quickstep ended up in the bottom three. I thought that I was going to stay, because I thought my solo was strong enough, but I guess America and the judges saw it different way.”

What’s next for you Peter?

“I’m keeping my options open. I don’t want to commit to one thing and overlook opportunities that could come to me. I would love to start my own tap show. There aren’t any shows anymore that are primarily tap based.”

We wish Peter the best of luck in his future endeavors.

–Abbey Simmons, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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