Daniel Wright’s a pretty big presence on The Biggest Loser–and no, it’s not supposed to be a pun.  After all, he was part of the show last season, and joined again this season, vowing to finish what he had started.  This time, however, things didn’t exactly go well, and as his weight loss began to fluctuate unlike the others, his fellow contestants began to consider voting him off since he’s already been given his second chance.  Still, his elimination last night was pretty drastic, too: he was cut after dropping below the newly-introduced red line.

Elimination is, of course, something that Daniel didn’t want.  “I was getting so close that I was getting a taste of being a finalist,” he told People.  “It was never something I wanted when I went the first time.”

Daniel’s two-season journey saw him lose a total of 226 pounds, a far cry from when he joined The Biggest Loser last season.  Back then, he weighed 454 pounds–then the heaviest contestant to ever join the show, before Shay Sorrells took the record this season.  He’s learned a lot along the way, but he admits to still struggling with binge eating, which he kept hidden from the show.

“The ranch doesn’t have candy bars or fast food sitting around but there are things you can munch on,” he said.  “If I [was] really stressed out, instead of talking to somebody, I would suppress it by going for handfuls of cashews or something.”

Still, losing 226 pounds amounts to something, and like many other eliminated contestants, his weight loss journey doesn’t end.  He aims to break past the 200-pound mark, and once he does, he plans to donate his clothes.  “I would like to keep one shirt and one pair of shorts that I used to wear all the time and frame them,” he said.  “That way, I can keep them as a reminder of where I’ve come from.”

– Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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Henrik Batallones

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