We all know that season 6 of So You Think You Can Dance has some crazy talented dancers, but do they have crazy signature moves? It’s high time to find out! FOX has just posted each of the Top 20 dancers signature moves. So it looks like it is time for me to start practicing in my living room, with my laptop going for instruction. I encourage you all to do the same.

Signature Moves from The Lovely Ladies of Season 6

First up are the signature moves of the lovely ladies of the Top 20. Check out their moves and then tell me who you think has the sickest signature style.

Ariana DeBose:

Ashleigh Di Lello:

Bianca Revels:

Channing Cooke:

Ellenore Scott:

Karen Hauer:

Kathryn McCormick:

Mollee Gray:

Noelle Marsh:

Pauline Mata:

I’m partial to Ellenore’s funky bugaloo myself. I’ll be integrating that one into my moves, being sure to kick no one in the club. Who had your favorite move? Your least favorite?

— Abbey Simmons, BuddyTV Staff Writer
(Image and Videos Courtesy of FOX)

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