We may not have had our dose of Brothers and Sisters lately, but it sounds as though things are looking up for the series.  From what we’ve read from several sources, the show is getting ready to unearth some creative juices to keep it all together.  That’s with or without Rob Lowe, mind you.

Most of us have heard about the flashback episode lined up this season, with the numerous casting news that we’ve been getting.  Still, that’s not the only story that Brothers and Sisters has to offer.

Possible spoilers below!

Let’s settle the two-hour flashback special first.  Airing this April, the episode has been pegged as very revealing since it will be unveiling a shocking secret of the Walkers.  Series showrunner David Marshall Grant told Entertainment Weekly about it, hinting that it will bring us “back to the day of our pilot, which is when William died.”

He added that the secret will revolve around that particular scene in the first season, with a twist.  “We’ll look at the pilot from a different angle and [discover something] we didn’t know happened that day,” he said.

Moving on to other things, such as Rob Lowe’s storylines, we take a gander at what Kristin Dos Santos of E! Online has to say.  Since this is most likely his final season on Brothers and Sisters, there has to be something big.  But it looks like he’ll have to share that spotlight with his on-screen wife.

Apparently, Robert McCallister will keep rallying behind Kitty as she continues her campaign.  It’s not going to be easy for him since her mom Nora (Sally Field) is adamant at voting against her daughter.  It’s mom vs. son-in-law on Brothers and Sisters as usual.

Despite that though, there may be a future-son-in-law in the making.  Gilles Marini will be returning this week as Luc, Sarah’s (Rachel Griffiths) French lover.  That alone makes it all exciting.

Source: E! Online, EW.com
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