Ever wondered why Dr. Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) had to wield a cane throughout this season on Criminal Minds? Apparently, Gubler injured his knee pretty bad while promoting (500) Days of Summer, where he played part of main protagonist Tom’s posse. For Criminal Minds fans who are worried that their young genius would sport a lifelong limp, Gubler tells USA Weekend that the injury is now a thing of the past.

“I’ve actually started to feel like a regular person again,” he says. “I forget which knee I even hurt at times, which is pretty amazing considering it was about a seven-month adventure. I really did a good job.”

That doesn’t mean, however, that the knee injury was something to laugh at. Not only did he have to undergo three surgeries, if anything, he says it was a “bad, bad” one. It even got to a point when his doctors were already suggesting experimental surgeries in Norway.

“I just got a little too overzealous on the dance floor and managed to pretty much do something that most knee surgeons have never even thought possible or seen in their lives. But they screwed me back together,” he explains, “hoping it would work and thinking it wouldn’t, and luckily my body completely took back everything.”
Can he discard the cane any day now? Absolutely.

“I have a limp now and I’ve been walking with a cane for a while, but it’s going away. I won’t be permanently affected by this, which is pretty odd. It’s really a miracle. They were like, “This is one of the worst injuries we’ve ever seen.” They were saying it was pretty legendary. It’s going to go down in a textbook somewhere for sure.”

As for how the Criminal Minds people reacted to his “legendary” injury, the 29-year-old reveals that they didn’t even believe him initially.

“I think to the day that people at Criminal Minds have honestly no understanding of what kind of injury it was… I thought I was going to be out for four episodes on crutches, and it ended up being like 12. It was a pretty crazy thing.”

Source: USA Weekend
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