During Monday night’s episode of The Bachelor, Jake Pavelka shared Fantasy Suite dates in romantic St. Lucia with his final three: Vienna Girardi, Tenley Molzahn and Gia Allemand.

Despite the steamy bubble baths, rose-petal-covered bedspreads and sexy lingerie, Jake claims his Fantasy Suite time was not about sex.

“In the Fantasy Suite, you can sleep with one girl, or three girls …whatever as a couple you decide to do, but tomorrow there is a RoseCeremony coming up,” Jake tells Entertainment Tonight.

“What are you going to do when you haveto look somebody in the eye and the night before you made love to themand you are sending them home? I didn’t know who was going to go home,so I wasn’t willing to rip that away from her. Minimizing regret. Idon’t know what I would say looking her in the eyes and putting her inthe limo. It could have been Vienna, Tenley or Gia. It just happened tobe Gia. I am so glad I didn’t have to have that conversation.”

Bachelor viewers are still puzzled as to why spoiled daddy girl’s Vienna, whom the other contestants despised, is still in the running at Jake’s final two, but Jake tells ET that the rumors about Vienna were just that: rumors.

“I would sit there and listen and ask, ‘What is it exactly?’ They wouldsay, ‘Nothing. We just don’t like her.’ ‘What has she done to you?’ ‘Itis just her attitude.’ Nobody has been able to tell me what she hasdone wrong.”

For more from Jake, including his definition of being “in love,” watch the interview from Entertainment Tonight: