With the return of American Idol just a few months away, the show wants fans to get involved by selecting a new tagline for season 13. Candice Glover’s album was set to drop this week before being delayed again, but iTunes apparently didn’t get the memo — read on to find out the details of this unfortunately snafu. And also in today’s Roundup, a new music video has been released for Allison Iraheta’s new band.

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Vote for American Idol Season 13 Tagline

Since the singing competition series that started it all is in the middle of an overhaul to lure back viewers who felt disenfranchised and turned off by the Mariah Carey/Nick Minaj controversies, they want fans to get involved in selecting a new tagline for season 13.

There are four to choose from:

1. Listen to their dreams come true.

2. A million different stories. One powerful dream.

3. Every story is different. The dream is the same.

4. The search for a superstar.

You can vote on American Idol‘s official website, via Twitter and on Facebook. Voting ends on Monday, October 14 at midnight.

For Twitter, you can tweet your favorite tagline’s hashtag (the numbers correspond to the numbered taglines above): #IdolListen (1), #IdolMillion (2), #IdolStory (3), #IdolSearch (4).

The winning tagline will be revealed during the new season’s marketing campaign.

If you’ve been a fan of Idol since the beginning, you’ll recognize “The search for a superstar” — that was the tagline for season 1. And it’s a very fitting one since American Idol, despite a lackluster season 12, is the only singing competition show that has a proven track record of producing successful artists and superstars. (I voted for number four for this very reason, and because of the nostalgia it brings with it.)

Candice Glover’s Accidential iTunes Release

I’m sure fans of Candice Glover are constantly being disappointed every time her debut album gets delayed. First, it was pushed from July 16 to October 8, and then just recently to February 18. But guess what? The people at iTunes must not have updated their system because when October 8 rolled around, everyone who pre-ordered a copy of Music Speaks were sent a download of the album. But since there are no other songs to speak of, aside from the first single “I Am Beautiful,” customers were sent a bunch of empty files.

But it gets worse: MjsBigBlog talked with someone who had pre-ordered the album — it seems that they’re getting charged for these empty files and have not received a credit yet. Fortunately, iTunes has taken down the album from their store to try and start alleviating the problem.

But there is a silver lining, if you can even call it that. When this fiasco began, the album made it all the way up to number five on the Top Albums chart due to the number of pre-orders, even surpassing new albums by Justin Timberlake, Miley Cyrus and The Voice winner Cassadee Pope.

Still, this is a debacle that Candice’s record label will have to deal with (not to mention iTunes) because everyone who bought the album ahead of time may be turned off by this situation and not want to buy it again when it’s actually released in February. And considering no one has received a refund yet, that we know of, it could be another bad sign of things to come. Let’s hope they get it sorted out and not only give refunds, but allow all those customers to receive the album without being charged twice.

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Allison Iraheta’s “Gone” Music Video with Halo Circus

We reported last week on Allison Iraheta’s new song with her band Halo Circus, which also features her husband, producer/musician Matthew Hager. Now a music video has been released for “Gone” — it has a very simple concept: all in black and white, with the camera only focusing on Allison and the band, with no extravagant sets in sight. The song is growing on me, and this video allows us to concentrate only on the song as opposed to special effects, costumes, storylines and the like.

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