The Amazing Race kicked off in Los Angeles last week with 11 teams racing around the world to win bragging rights — oh, and a million dollar cash prize! The teams traveled to Chili, and Timothy and “Reebs” were the first to check in and received two Express Passes, one for themselves and one to give to another team in the competition.

The father and daughter team, Hoskote and Naina, were the final team to arrive at the Pit Stop and were eliminated.

So who will take the lead this week? Let’s find out!

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Happy Birthday, Nicole

Iquique, Chile, is the starting point for the second leg of The Amazing Race, with Timothy and Reebs departing first. The next destination? The deck of the Museo Corbeto Esmeralda, to obtain the next clue. Clearly, their bickering seems to be working for them. Sadly, the other teams catch up while everyone awaits the arrival of the officer bringing the clue. Nicole and Travis cozy up to Timothy and Reebs in hopes of securing the other Express Pass by letting them know that it is Nicole’s birthday.

Race Wives

Leo and Jamal are in an alliance with Ally and Ashley, their “race wives.” Isn’t that sweet? What is not as sweet? Marie (Reebs) instructing the other teams to make a backpack line so no one will cut in front of her. On the ship, the teams must find the famous phrase uttered by Chilean hero Arturo Prat and repeat it to the officer in Spanish. Brandon and Adam tell the officer first and receive the new clue.

Salt of the Earth

Brandon and Adam hop in a taxi, followed by Ally and Ashley. Up next is a detour which requires teams to ride bikes across the salt flat and choose between “mining” or “brining.”  For the mining task, teams must split open boulders of salt until they find one with a clue. In the brining challenge, team members must add enough salt to a tub of water to float and read the local newspaper. (Yes, I am serious!)

Rowan and Shane are having trouble with their cab driver as he seems to have gotten lost. Meanwhile, Brandon and Adam start mining for their clue, while Leo and Jamal are reunited with their “race wives” Ally and Ashley before this group gets ready to smash some boulders. Personally, I would pick the brining, but maybe that is just me. Nicole is having trouble with her bike and her husband tries to cheer her on before they get ready to brine themselves, as do Jason and Amy.


Brandon and Adam find their clue. They need to head back to Iquique to board a bus to Santiago, Chile. Once they reach Santiago, they need to go to Plaza De Armas. Hot on their heels are cousins Leo and Jamal and friends Chester and Ephraim.

Rowan and Shane finally arrive to the salt flat. They need to make up some serious time. Jason and Amy complete the brining challenge, followed by Nicole and Travis. Timothy enjoys a nice, relaxing scolding from Reebs during their attempt at brining. When this battling duo reach the bus terminal, they must get tickets for the second bus, which departs 30 minutes later than the first bus. Rowan and Shane complete their mining task before Nicky and Kim finish the brining task, which puts the latter in last place.

This Bus or That Bus?

At the terminal, Rowan and Shane opt to board a bus that they think will arrive sooner than the second bus. Tragically, they misunderstand and get tickets for a bus that will arrive later than the other buses.

When teams reach the Plaza de Armas, they find a Road Block. This task involves acting as a Chilean shoe shiner. One of the team members must polish a customer’s shoes, and then figure out how to lock the complicated stand and push it six blocks to the next clue. It sounds easy, right? It seems nearly impossible to pack up everything that is there.

Secret Connections

On the second bus, Timothy discovers a connection to Nicky and Kim when they find out that Timothy played baseball with Kim’s husband. Timothy and Reebs promise Nicky and Kim the second Express Pass.

When Leo arrives with the stand, he is sent away to re-pack it. Chester and Ephraim slip in to first place when they receive the Pit Stop clue.  Meanwhile, Rowan and Shane enjoy their leisurely bus trip.

The Pit Stop

Cascada de Las Animas, located in the Andes mountains, is the Pit Stop for the second leg of The Amazing Race. Leo and Jamal cross the finish line and meet host Phil Keoghan, who says those magic words that every racer longs to hear: “You need to settle your cab bill before I can check you in.” While they go to pay the taxi driver, Chester and Ephraim check in. Not only are they the first to check in, but they win a trip to Turks and Caicos. Nice job! Leo and Jamal are angry at each other, needless to say. Brandon and Adam are the third team to arrive.

The second bus arrives with Tim and Danny, Timothy and Reebs, Ally and Ashley and Nicky and Kim. Miraculously, somehow Rowan and Shane meet up with the other teams at the Road Block. Rowan takes a shoe shine worker with him and the stand. This can’t be good! Rowan has the wrong stand.

And the Last to Arrive Is…

Rowan and Shane are the last to arrive at the Pit Stop, and are eliminated from The Amazing Race.

The Amazing Race airs Sundays at 8pm on CBS.
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