Every day may be a winding road for Sheryl Crow, but none of them lead to American Idol.   The bluesy pop idol had nothing but bad words for American Idol and its contestants in a recent MSNBC interview decrying the contests’ blatant commercialism and the participants’ wacky antics.   Does this mean we won’t be seeing a Sheryl Crow night anytime soon on American Idol?  Read on to see what Sheryl has to say about America’s number one singing contest.

“Let’s face it, it undermines art in every way and promotes commercialism, I am sad people love it so.” Crow said in the interview with MSNBC. 

This all seems a little bit hypocritical from someone whose songs have become the accompaniment for car commercials.  In the end, when you choose to sign on the dotted line, aren’t you really putting your interpretation of ‘art’ in somebody else’s hands?

Naturally, this means we won’t be seeing Sheryl as a guest judge either, but hey you, never know, that kind of frank opinion might be welcome to the jaded masses of season six trying to figure out just what the contest is all about this year.   And imagine what an appearance on American Idol could do for Sheryl’s records sales, even if it hasn’t really helped Taylor Hicks much.

Speaking of American Idol winners, if anything Sheryl is completely off the mark.  American Idol as a commercial venture in the musical aspect of things is nowhere near as successful as it is as a television show.  No American Idol contestant has ever turned over album sales proportionate to the shows awesome ratings, or even the record number of votes.  And can we please not talk about the failed attempts to cross commercialize?  The singing DVDs and, hold me, ‘From Justin to Kelly’. 

One might say that American Idol has never been about making ‘good art’ anyways, only making good TV, and in those terms, it’s kinda hard to argue with its worth when those efforts are judged by the ratings. Something tells me Sheryl Crow maybe just doesn’t get it.

– Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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Senior Writer, BuddyTV