One of the issues with LOST that reappears over and over again is terrible fathers, and the worst may be yet to come.  This past week we found out that Jack’s father was a philanderer in addition to everything else, having sired at least one other child in Australia, namely Claire.  At least he knew well enough to keep it out of the back yard.  Kate’s dad was a drunken possible molester, Locke’s pappy was a conman, Sawyer’s dad killed his mother then shot himself after she got grifted by Locke’s dad (not 100% proven, but close enough), Hurley’s dad was a restless bum who came back for his dough, it goes on and on.  So far the only good fathers on LOST are the ones we know nothing about.

Daddy Dearest - Are Father Issues at the Core of LOST?

One side of the fence we’ve yet to explore is the Others’ parents.  Were they as bad as our 815’rs?  And six degrees of separation aside, how did so many people with bad fathers wind up in the same place.  Are father issues at the core of what has brought this group together?  Was someone in the LOST writers room abused by their dad?  I dunno! 

In my head space, though, I have a feeling the biggest baddest dad of all is yet to come, that would be Mr. Linus.  Ben has already told us he was born on the island.  We have heard of a mysterious list making character named Jacob.  Lindelof and Cuse have told us that the name is significant.  In the bible,  Ben is the son of Jacob.  Here we go again.

It’s surprising that we have not met Jacob yet, and it is possible that he is not even amongst the others.  If he were, and the others are a patriarchal society, then this would mean that Ben is sort of the Prince of the others,  and his weakened state should bring Jacob out of the wood work soon.  But what if the Others are not necessarily ‘born’?  Consider this,  so far we know they can’t reproduce because at least one part of their physiology just isn’t right.  Was Juliet brought to fix existing problems, or make suggestions on future models?

This week, John Locke’s father returns for one last go round.  We also know that this week the reason John Locke was paralyzed will be revealed.  Can it be that Mr. Cooper was directly involved?  Are even more Daddy issues about to reveal?  And what does LOST have against fathers anyways?

– Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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