On this week’s episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the ladies split into two groups to visit Las Vegas on the same weekend.

So, because everything with the ‘wives is a competition, which was the better Vegas party: Adrienne Maloof’s just-for-the-hell-of-it girls’ weekend party? Or Lisa Vanderpump and daughter Pandora’s Bachelorette party?

Let’s do this incredibly necessary in-depth examination.

Round One: The Guests
Adrienne’s guests included cast members Brandi Glanville, Camille Grammer and million-dollar-lolly-pop-holder Dana Wilkey. Oh, and let’s not forget Camille’s friend D.D., who I almost just forgot. Kim Richards did garner an invitation, but had to cancel last minute because of an injured neck. Right.

Lisa’s guests included Taylor Armstrong, the bride-to-be Pandora, and a bunch of leggy 20-somethings Pandora invited along.

Winner: Lisa. Sorry, but a night on the town with a gaggle of hotties trumps all of the ladies in group one, despite all of their plastic attempts to stay young. But honestly, the exclusion of name-dropping Dana would probably have been enough for anyone else to win this category. Ugh. She’s the worst.

Round Two: The Accommodations
The fact that Lisa refused to have Pandora’s party at Adrienne’s hotel, The Palms, has been a point of contention among the two of them this season Adrienne and her guests strutted into The Palms to meet with her creepy brother (whom she had to pry away from a Playboy Bunny). But their suite was sweet, complete with an awesome view of the city as well as a bowling alley.

Meanwhile, Pandora and her friends have what they called the “party suite” over at Planet Hollywood. It has many Bachelorette Party necessities, including the bar, the Foosball table and the nice view. Really, the only thing it’s lacking is a bowling alley.

Winner: Adrienne. See above. How could anyone expect to win this round if their suite didn’t include at least a bowling alley? What is this, Motel 6?

Round Three: The Entertainment
After a rigorous round of high-heeled bowling, Team Adrienne shoved their silicone parts into mini dresses and went to Moon to dance the night away. There was a severe lack of male attention, therefore Brandi felt the need put her fingerless-gloved paws all over Camille.

Over on Team Lisa, the ladies headed out for dinner, where Lisa, Pandora, and Taylor all wore tiaras because they are all, not just the bride, extra-special princesses. The next stop was a Chippendales (or “Chipmunks,” as Lisa calls them) show where the ladies got to see some major gyration from mostly naked muscly men. At the end of the show, Lisa, Pandora and Taylor got to participate by giving the dancers their best lap dances. Lisa won, because she is perfect.

Winner: Lisa. Really? Is there even any real competition in this category? Fake-boob Brandi grinding on fake-boob Camille, or flawless Lisa giving a hunk a lap dance? Vanderpump FTW!

Overall winner: Lisa.

Adrienne may own The Palms, but after this weekend, Lisa Vanderpump owns Las Vegas, baby.

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Gina Pusateri
Contributing Writer

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Gina Pusateri

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