The long-awaited and much-requested Supernatural spin-off, Wayward Sisters, isn’t quite a go just yet. There are no official plans for the spin-off, besides the fact that an episode of Supernatural season 13 will serve as a backdoor pilot for the series. Even if there is no series pick-up, let alone series premiere date for the show, that doesn’t mean a fair bit of thought hasn’t gone into the project. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the cast and crew talked about the spin-off and how Wayward Sisters separates itself from its parent series.

Can the Son of Satan Ever Be a Hero on Supernatural?>>> The obvious difference between Wayward Sisters and Supernatural is that the spin-off will be female-focused, as opposed to the male-heavy Supernatural. Kim Rhodes (who will play the show’s lead Jody Mills) doesn’t like to view things that simply. It’s not “Supernatural with girls,” she explained. “It’s Supernatural with heroes that happen to be female.”

However the show, if picked up, will function a lot differently from Supernatural but it’ll begin in a somewhat similar way. Claire Novak, who has been out on her own, will return to her home with Jody Mills and find things a little different. (Not too dissimilar to Dean finding Sam after many years apart in the Supernatural pilot.) 

Claire will discover that Jody has taken in a new surrogate daughter, Patience. Patience is a psychic, and the granddaughter of Supernatural‘s Missouri Moseley. Claire will find herself at odds with Patience and that uneasy and unconventional family dynamic will be something that plays out throughout the series. The cast (and family) will be rounded out by Jody’s partner, Donna, and two other surrogate daughters, returning character Alex and newcomer Kaia. 

While Supernatural has always been about the brotherly relationship between Sam and Dean, Wayward Sisters will be about mothers, daughters and bonds of friendship. As much Claire and Patience will find themselves fighting, Claire will be very close to other newcomer Kaia. “She wants to keep Kaia safe,” Kathryn Love Newton, who plays Claire, said. “It’s really important to her, and you’ll find out why.”

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The most compelling difference between Wayward Sisters and Supernatural will be that Wayward won’t be another “road show.” Jody’s surrogate family will stay in one spot, in the town of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Executive producer Andrew Dabb made that decision because he wanted to build a community for the show. “This is a place where romance can happen. Or rivalry,” he explained.

The central location will also add in a bit of fantasy for the series. The show’s version of Sioux Falls will have a personality and character, with monsters inhabiting it and the family trying to protect their home. “This is an opportunity to do something in the world of Supernatural that has some of the sensibilities of Supernatural but addresses a lot of issues, scenarios and characters that are very different,” Dabb said. 

Wayward Sisters is in the very early stages but everything sounds very promising. The show seems to have developed an identity outside of Supernatural, but still has elements and, of course, characters that fans will want to see explored more. It wouldn’t just be a shock if Wayward Sisters doesn’t become it’s own series, it would be a shame too. 

Do you agree? Are you excited by Wayward Sisters? Would you watch it as a spin-off series? Are Jody and her family better as supporting characters?

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