When Supernatural begins season 13, Sam and Dean are stuck in a pretty bad situation. Crowley and Cas are dead, Mary is trapped in another dimension and Lucifer’s son is fully grown. There are a lot of issues to deal with.

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In this scene from the season 13 premiere, “Lost and Found,” Sam and Dean are driving in search of Jack, the son of Satan. It seems Dean tried to shoot him because he’s a monster and that’s what they do, but Sam isn’t sure that killing Jack is the right thing to do.

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The difference between Sam and Dean is obvious in this scene. Dean sees the world in black and white. Jack is evil and must be killed, and Cas is really dead. Sam views things in shades of gray, unsure of the right thing to do with Jack and questioning whether Cas is really, truly dead.

Should the boys try to kill Jack or is Sam right to question Dean’s decision?

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