Between Ben running and training in secret and Bailey and Webber interviewing for new interns, this episode of Grey’s Anatomy looked like it was going to be full of small, side storylines. Instead, one major storyline was wrapped in what looked like a neat bow. The episode, titled “Ain’t That a Kick in the Head,” focused mostly on potential recovery problems for both Amelia Shepherd and Megan Hunt.

Harper Avery Causes Problems from the Grave

One of the storylines we keep returning to throughout the episode involves Harper Avery. When Jackson returns from his grandfather’s funeral, Meredith has a request. She wants to take his name off Megan Hunt’s surgery so there is better chance at winning a Harper Avery Award. While Jackson agrees that Meredith should do it, he’s not happy about it. He knows that he can never win one because of his direct link to the man. All the money in the world isn’t going to buy him that recognition.

One person who will get to keep her name on the surgery is Jo Wilson. That is until Meredith says that the journal where the surgery will be published wants a photo of her. She can’t give that, fearing that her husband will figure out her hidden name and then return to kill her. By the end, she’s madder than scared, as she realizes that her husband still controls her without being there.

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Megan Gets a Special Surprise

As for Megan, she has a fever and needs to remain in the hospital a little longer. She doesn’t want to though, as she finds out that her son, Farouk, has been taken to the hospital. Megan’s CO won’t tell her why, so she tries to force her way out of the hospital. There’s a beautiful moment between Megan and Meredith, when Meredith admits that she kidnapped Zola once and it only made things worse.

Meredith soon gets a phone call from Nathan, who is at the Embassy with officials who will be able to grant Farouk a medical visa. The officials need information from Meredith about his illness, so Meredith has to grab an iPad and search for information as quickly as possible that would get Farouk into a clinical trial at the hospital.

It’s enough, and Farouk is allowed to return home. With mother and son reunited, Megan is able to recover from her fever. However, Megan wants Meredith to be with Nathan, seeing how Nathan loves Meredith. The two women continue to disagree over who Nathan loves more. Maybe someone needs to ask him!

Amelia’s Recovery Doesn’t Go Quite as Planned

Grey’s Anatomy opens with Amelia’s story. It’s operation day and she needs to run through a list of things for people to do in case she dies. One thing that she points out is that April has power of attorney if she is in a coma afterwards, since April’s emotions won’t dictate her decisions.

After a quick Superman pose in the OR (which Tom loves), the operation is started. Tom stops singing when he gets to the trickiest part of the surgery, which involves the cutting of a vessel. It could be one that leads directly into the brain. When things go greyish on the monitor, everyone wonders whether Tom cut the wrong vessel and has left Amelia brain damaged.

While Amelia wakes up right away, she’s unable to talk. At first, we hear her thoughts, while she attempts to recover physically. When she does start talking, it’s in French. Meredith points out that something in the brain has remembered the lessons from the French preschool the Shepherd children attended.

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Soon after, Amelia is able to speak in English, but forgets that Derek is dead. It’s retrograde amnesia and should be temporary. Sure enough, everything starts to come back to Amelia and Tom gives her the all-clear to go home. However, Amelia is sure something is missing and orders a range of scans to find out. DeLuca realizes that the thing missing is the tumor. Amelia lived with it for so long without realizing that it became part of her. Now it’s gone, it feels like something is missing in her head.

Finally, Amelia is ready to go home, but not before Owen comes to speak to her. He wants her to return home with him. Despite his plan on leaving her, he wants to give their marriage a chance tumor-free. He wants to find out who Amelia really is without the tumor. The final clip shows Amelia agrees to do this.

Did you think Amelia would find something on her scans? Had you guessed what Nathan was up to? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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