‘How to Get Away with Murder’: The Biggest OMG Moment from ‘He’s a Bad Father’

  • Feb 2, 2018
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How to Get Away with Murder made a couple people wonder if maybe they were wrong about Jorge in “He’s a Bad Father,” yet that wasn’t the most surprising moment of the episode. The custody hearing for Laurel’s baby led to several moments that had us questioning just what’s going on when it comes to Laurel’s family and one person who was trying to help her.

But if Jorge possibly not being responsible for Wes’ murder wasn’t the biggest OMG moment, what was? Did it involve a case that has been reopened? Did it involve Laurel’s mother?

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Did Jorge Tell the Truth?

When Jorge told Laurel that her son could be home with her if she gave him what he wanted, she told him she didn’t have the hard drive. Jorge then said, “I didn’t do it. … Wes. It’s a shame you’re destroying our family because of a misunderstanding.”

What followed were a few instances in which both Frank and Laurel questioned if they were wrong about Jorge. Is it possible that he wasn’t responsible for Wes’ death? Considering that we’re learning more and more about Wes’ actions leading up to his death — first the phone call to Dominic as Christophe and then what Bonnie revealed to Frank at the end of this episode — maybe Jorge isn’t the parent of Laurel’s everyone should be looking at for this specific event?

Or was Jorge simply trying to shake Laurel before the custody hearing and with her mother in town? Maybe he wanted to plant seeds of doubt at just this moment and there is nothing at all surprising to be discovered by looking into his statements at the courthouse. That’s why this isn’t the most shocking moment of “He’s a Bad Father.”

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Is Isaac Guilty?

Isaac’s testimony should have been what got Laurel custody of her son. Instead, Jorge’s lawyer got it thrown out by bringing up Isaac’s daughter’s suicide and revealing that not only had the case been reopened but Isaac was being investigated for her murder.

“The evidence they have on him looks real,” Bonnie revealed to Annalise soon after, and by the end of the episode, it looked like he might have used drugs, so what’s going on there? Is Jorge paying the police to make the evidence look real or is it? Is what looks like a relapse from Isaac just the result of having to relive his daughter’s death or is there something more going on there?

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While Laurel trying to get custody of her son was never going to be easy, it seems that Annalise never considered that there would be anything that could get in the way of Isaac’s testimony holding up, which might be more surprising than the reopened case itself.

What Is Laurel’s Mother Hiding?

It turned out that Dominic was like a son to Laurel’s mother, and her mother thought that Jorge killed him after Laurel claimed that she found his phone in his rental car. Once in town, her mother told Laurel she didn’t have to protect her from Jorge anymore. Then when Annalise told her that her job was to protect Laurel in the courtroom, her mother’s response was, “And what do you think my job is?” Laurel’s mother certainly didn’t seem to want Laurel to start questioning if her father was really responsible for Wes’ death.

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Unsurprisingly, there’s quite a bit of hostility between Laurel’s parents, but how far does it go? If her mother thought that Jorge killed Dominic, would she be looking to retaliate? Could her comment about Laurel not needing to protect her anymore mean that she’s capable of more than Laurel perhaps realizes?

And then there’s the fact that Bonnie discovered that Wes met with Laurel’s mother the day before he died. What happened then? What was said in that conversation?

There’s so much that’s now unknown regarding Laurel’s mother’s actions, both before she came to town and now that she’s here. The fact that she met with Wes and that we don’t know if we can trust her and what she says makes this the episode’s biggest OMG moment.

What do you think the biggest OMG moment was from this episode? How much do you think Laurel’s mother is hiding from her?

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