Now that the cat is out of the bag that Olivia and B613 is responsible for the death of Rashad, and indirectly responsible for Quinn’s “death,” on Scandal, it’s time for her friends to rally around her. Fitz and the gang seem to think it’s possible to get the old Olivia back, so they stage an intervention at his Vermont home in “The People vs. Olivia Pope.” Meanwhile, Charlie finds out Quinn and his child are alive and well bonding with Rowan, and Cyrus reveals to Mellie what B613 did.

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A Vermont Intervention

After their one night, Fitz suggests a long weekend in Vermont with Olivia, and she happily agrees to the getaway. Of course as soon as they arrive, Huck, Abby, David and Marcus come out for an intervention. Olivia is pissed, and tries to justify what she did. But no one is having it. Abby tells her to leave the White House and quit B613 and then David won’t press charges against her. However, Olivia won’t back down. Fitz then tells her that they are keeping her in Vermont and cutting off all her communication until she changes her mind. David also tells her he’s going to start the process to file charges against her.

Olivia storms off to a room, where she sees that she can’t use her phones. One by one, everyone comes to her door to talk to her. Abby offers a chance to fix her, as Olivia has done for all of them. David just reads the charges he’ll file against her, and even suggests she could face execution. Marcus tells Fitz whatever he said didn’t seem to work either.

When Huck brings her dinner, Olivia gets excited. She actually opens the door, but he doesn’t want to talk. She then tries to manipulate him, even suggesting that if he help her leave, they can leave together and run B613 together. Huck isn’t hearing it though, he tells her they aren’t the same since she killed one of her own. He adds that what she did is unforgivable and he’s done serving her.

Finally, Fitz goes to see her. He tells her that though she’s always right, this time she’s wrong. He says that she knows how wrong she is because she’s too smart and too right all the time to not know that.


As Charlie is attacking Rowan when he finds his child, Quinn comes out to stop him. He’s in shock that she’s alive, and after she tells him what happened and how Rowan is protecting her, he gets pissed that she never called to say she is alive. She assures him that it’s all part of her plan to take down Olivia. Later, as the baby gets fussy, Charlie passes the infant to Quinn, who starts singing a Britney Spears song with Rowan to calm the child.

Charlie apologizes to Rowan for attacking him and thanks him for taking care of Quinn. He says he’s ready to take care of Quinn now, but Rowan says Quinn and the baby need to stay at his house for their protection. Obviously Charlie is upset, but when he tells Quinn what Rowan said, she agrees. She tells Charlie he should leave and pretend that she’s dead. She wants to use her death to get Olivia. When Charlie says he can kill Olivia, Quinn says she wants Olivia to rot in prison and pay for what she’s done.

When Charlie goes to say goodbye to the baby, he has trouble calming her down. Rowan comes in and teaches him a good technique. Charlie then bonds with his child before he leaves.

The Truth Hurts

Back at the White House, Cyrus tells Mellie what Olivia did. She’s in shock, but she wants answers from Olivia. She’s convinced herself that there has to be a logical reason why Olivia killed Rashad. She starts to track down Olivia, and starts with Jake first. She tells him that she knows, but Jake plays dumb, as he’s looking for Olivia too. Jake then confronts Cyrus and threatens his life unless he fixes what he did, though I’m not sure how Cyrus can take back what he told Mellie.

Cyrus tells Mellie what happened with Jake, and he wants to take action, but again Mellie insists of tracking down Olivia to find out the truth. They argue over who’s right. Later, Mellie tracks down Jake and gets some answers – that Olivia killed Rashad because he was a distraction to Mellie.

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Typical Olivia

The next morning in Vermont, Olivia comes out of her room and tells everyone she’s going to resign as chief of staff. She adds that B613 will take some time to dismantle, but Jake will do it, as she won’t be a part of it. And while she won’t admit she’s wrong, she admits that she can’t go on anymore. Everyone is relieved as she tells them that she’ll announce her resignation at that night’s press briefing.

In the White House, Mellie tells Jake that she knows where Olivia was, and she’s pissed. She tells Jake that it’s not about B613, but rather it’s about Olivia and that she’s bad for the country.

Jake heads to Olivia’s apartment that night to confront her about going to Vermont. But she says she doesn’t want to talk about that, as she’s about to lose all her friends. Turns out, she has no intention of resigning, as she skips the briefing and spends the night with Jake. Typical Olivia. Lying and manipulating those around her to get what she wants.

The next day, she wakes up and immediately gives Jake orders to get Mellie to trust her again. Meanwhile, the group realizes they are out of options to take down Olivia. Jake does go to see Mellie with a folder filled with her transgressions that he says Olivia put together. He tells her that she needs B613 to survive in the White House, they can protect her and advise her. However, the tables get turned when Olivia arrives for work later in the day, as her office is being cleared out and Jake is unpacking his things. She runs to Mellie, who just stares her down. So it looks like Olivia is out, and Jake is the new chief of staff.

I have to say that as much as I love Scandal, I’m pretty much over Olivia being a bully. Her power trip is getting to be too much. I’m glad that Mellie could possibly be coming to her senses. I think putting Jake in charge isn’t the best option either, as he’s pretty manipulative too, but maybe taking Olivia out of the equation could get Mellie back on track to actually run the country. Afterall, isn’t that her role?

I did really enjoy a pop-song singing, baby calming Rowan. As much of a bad guy that Rowan is, I love seeing the softer side of him. I’m curious if at some point, Rowan will join forces with everyone else to take Olivia down. Though I know he tried that route with Fitz and it didn’t work.

Honestly, I think that this point, Olivia needs to die. Someone needs to take her down. I know we’ve always said that about Rowan, and perhaps she’s as invincible as he seems to be, but I’d like to see someone at least try. Wouldn’t that be the ultimate scandal?

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