Well, we got just what we were promised in the season two premiere of How to Get Away With Murder. We find out who killed Rebecca, and we get a lot of little crumbs to how the season will hopefully play out. In “It’s Time to Move On,” Annalise and Frank put their heads together to figure out who killed Rebecca. As a way to distract her from Rebecca’s murder and Nate’s upcoming murder trial, Annalise sets her sights on a new high-profile case. And the lawyer that is to represent Nate has a big past with Annalise.

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It’s Not Who You Think

After finding Rebecca’s body, Frank immediately tells Annalise that it was Wes who killed her. Even two weeks later, with Wes all mopey thinking that his girlfriend ran away, Frank is still convinced. Annalise comes up with a plan to tell Wes that Rebecca is holed up at some motel, and Frank trails him, hoping he’ll take the bait and check up on her.

Later, over a home cooked meal, Wes tells Annalise that he knows that Rebecca isn’t at the hotel. She realizes that he’s telling the truth and both apologize for their behavior. As we all know, Annalise has this weird soft spot for Wes, and this was even before he killed her husband last season.

Meanwhile, now that Wes isn’t a suspect, Frank is convinced it’s Laurel, especially when she confronts him about Rebecca being dead. When he presents his new suspect to Annalise, she immediately realizes who it is.

It’s Bonnie. When confronted by Annalise, Bonnie claims she did it to protect everyone. But Annalise is furious, saying she’s worse than Sam.

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A Blast From the Past

And while the “who killed Rebecca” game is going on, Annalise is also dealing with the start of Nate’s trial. At the end of last season, she gave Nate a number to call for someone to represent him. This person turns out to be Eve (Famke Janssen). According to Michaela, Eve is a top death row attorney. Annalise begs Eve to take Nate’s case, and it’s clear the two have a past.

When Eve goes to see Nate, she reveals that she and Annalise are good friends who went to law school together. However, when she finds out from Nate that Annalise set him up, she drops the case. Annalise tries to talk to Eve, but she won’t have it as she throws insults at her and claims she won’t get hurt again.

Later, after Annalise confronts Bonnie, she heads to Eve’s apartment. She admits that she set Nate up and is protecting Sam’s killer. Eve believes her. She reveals that the pair dated years back and that Annalise broke up with her for Sam. Eventually, though, all seems to be forgiven when Annalise kisses Eve, who then decides to take Nate’s case, again.

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A New Case

As a way to distract everyone from all that’s been going on, Annalise assigns the group to try and find a way to discredit the lawyer of a high-profile case – adopted siblings accused of killing their parents. Despite grumbles and groans from the group, eventually Laurel is able to doctor up some video surveillance, which gets the siblings’ lawyer thrown off the case. The siblings hire Annalise, who is confident she can win regardless of if they are innocent or not.

As a way to celebrate the new case and further keep everyone at ease, Annalise takes everyone to a club. And while they are enjoying themselves, a key witness for the prosecution’s case against the siblings is found dead.

A Group Update

The whole episode wasn’t just focused on Annalise though. Michaela is still pissed at Laurel for keeping her engagement ring for so long. She’s also obsessed with finding who Rebecca texted from her phone before she died, Eggs 911. Going against Frank and keeping a low profile though, Michaela texts the number. While at the club, the person texts back, but she doesn’t see it right away.

And Connor moves in with Oliver to prove he wants to be with him. Oliver is having doubts now that he’s HIV positive.

Two Months Later…

And in true How to Get Away With Murder fashion, the last few minutes end with two months later. Wes is seen running from the home of the siblings on trial for murder. A painting in the home is sprayed with blood, and Annalise is seen bleeding out on the floor!

What a crazy episode! I’m glad writers kept their promise and told us who killed Rebecca right away. And now Bonnie will have to deal with her actions and the wrath of Annalise, who is pretty angry with her. And quite frankly, I would never want to be on Annalise’s bad side. I’m very interested in this new case she’s picking up, and obviously what the heck will happen in two months.

I’m also interested in learning more about Annalise’s past and her former lover. I don’t really know why Annalise thought it’d be a good idea to hire her former lover to represent her other former lover in a case about who killed her husband. But that’s Annalise. Nothing is ever simple.

How To Get Away With Murder airs Thursdays at 10pm on ABC.

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