It’s up to Jon Cryer’s Dr. Taft to save Gibbs in the NCIS season 13 premiere, “Stop the Bleeding,” and months later, it’s Tony and Teague who head to Shanghai to track down the leader of the Calling, Daniel Budd. Meanwhile, back in D.C., it’s up to McGee to figure out if a serious threat is just more of Budd’s handiwork. For more on what happened, read the recap.

#14 “Maybe that says something about us.”

“I told you, Probie. It’s all different now. You trusted the boy, and look what he did to you. Kid caught us flying blind. Never saw it coming. Maybe that says something about us.”
– Mike Franks to Gibbs

#13 “All the sawbones in the world and you get Chuckles the Clown. I bet this guy’s a hoot at parties.”

– Mike Franks to Gibbs, about Dr. Taft

#12 “I hate to make threats, but I am about to do everything in my power to make sure you see those exes again.”

– Dr. Taft to Gibbs

#11 “True warriors rarely go quietly.”

Ducky:”True warriors rarely go quietly.”
Palmer: “Like some other doctors we know.”
– Discussing Dr. Taft

#10 “Gibbs has his very own Ducky performing his surgery.”

– Abby on Dr. Taft

#9 “There are too many people counting on you.”

Kelly: “You don’t have good days now. You spend too much time thinking about the past.”
Gibbs: “Plenty to think about.”
Kelly: “You have to stop, Dad. Things are different. It’s about the future now. There are too many people counting on you.”

#8 “If you don’t stop them, who will?”

Gibbs: “What you said before, about people counting on me, I’m not sure what more I can do.”
Kelly: “So what then? You’re giving up?”
Gibbs: “No, I didn’t say that.”
Kelly: “Fight back. Bad people are still out there. If you don’t stop them, who will?”

#7 “That made for some riveting home visits.”

McGee: “Boss, I’m sorry. They pretty much put us under orders. We’re not allowed to talk to you about work while you’re recuperating.”
Gibbs: “Oh yeah, well, that made for some riveting home visits.”

#6 “I got enough fruit to feed a band of gorillas.”

– Gibbs, on the fruit baskets he received while recuperating

#5 “You will be, into little pieces, as soon as I find you.”

Tony: “How’s our connection, Daniel? Can you hear me okay?”
Daniel: “Why? Am I breaking up?”
Tony: “No, but you will be, into little pieces, as soon as I find you.”
Daniel: “Unless you end up like your boss. Lot of mileage on that man, but he’s got stamina. The question is, Tony, do you?”

#4 “Is that where I left it?”

Vance: “That was the warden from Lee Penitentiary. Apparently your walk included a visit with Matthew Rousseau. Would you mind telling me why?”
Gibbs: “Just following up.”
Vance: “With your pen stuck in his hand?”
Gibbs: “Is that where I left it?”

#3 “They do get to die like them.”

“You’re not a Bond villain, Daniel. You’re a fraud, and frauds don’t get to speechify like Bond villains. They do get to die like them.”
– Tony to Daniel Budd

#2 “Take care of your team, and maybe let your team take care of you.”

– Teague to Gibbs

#1 “Who says you’re alone?”

Dr. Taft: “You see, I have two kinds of patients. Those who revere me for saving their lives, and those who despise me for the same reason. Which one are you, Gibbs?”
Gibbs: “Things are changing. Can’t do it alone.”
Dr. Taft: “I’ve met your team. Who says you’re alone?”

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