In the 14th episode of season 4 of How to Get Away with Murder, titled “The Day Before He Died,” Annalise helps Oliver and the Keating 4 keep it together after the police begin asking questions in Simon’s case. Meanwhile, Laurel looks into her mother’s connection to Wes, Michaela considers telling Asher the truth, and flashbacks reveal more about the night Wes died.

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Oliver Visits Simon

The episode begins with a flashback to eight months ago when a still alive Wes got a phone call from Laurel’s mom. (I always get excited whenever we see Alfred Enouch pop up in flashbacks.) Wes went to meet Laurel’s mom and recorded their conversation. Laurel’s mom brought up Wes’ legal issues and offered him money to stay away from Laurel. In the present day, Laurel plays this recorded conversation for Bonnie and Frank. Laurel is worried this means her mother had something to do with Wes’ death. She wants Bonnie to go to Denver to see what she knows, but Frank says that isn’t an option. They finally make a smart decision by agreeing to tell Annalise what’s going on, only Bonnie fails to go through with it.

Meanwhile, Annalise is meeting with the rest of the Keating 4 plus Oliver. Connor and Oliver announce that they are planning to have a real wedding, but before they can discuss plans, Annalise tells them about Simon waking up from the coma. She doesn’t know if he remembers anything about the night he was shot and they all hope he doesn’t. Just then, Oliver gets a phone call because Simon asked to see him. 

Oliver visits Simon in the hospital who asks Oliver if he came out to him. Cut to Oliver revealing to the group that Simon has no memory of that night. Annalise tells them all to relax because they’re in the clear, at least for now. (Obviously things aren’t going to be that simple.)

Tegan Returns

While the rest of the Keating 4 are worrying about the Simon situation, Laurel takes Frank to see her mother. In flashbacks, we see Wes talking to Laurel’s mother who tells Wes that Laurel is going to break his heart just like she did to Dominick and Frank. In the present day, we see Laurel play the recording Wes made for her mother. Laurel’s mom says she was only trying to protect Laurel by offering Wes the money and she claims that she would never hurt anyone Laurel loves. She also claims that she knows nothing about the voicemail Wes left for Dominick on the night he died.

In other news, Connor confronts Michaela about her conflicted feelings. Michaela doesn’t know if she has feelings for Marcus or not, but she knows she was wrong to cheat on Asher. Connor tells Michaela that the truth will come out eventually so she needs to decide whether or not she wants to tell Asher the truth or be a liar as well as a cheater.

Before Michaela can make a decision about the Asher situation, she gets called in for questioning in Simon’s case. Apparently, someone told the police that Simon and Michaela argued that night. Michaela gets through the questioning by throwing some legalilities at the cops, but when she informs the group that the cops are asking questions, Annalise says they need to get Simon under control, asap. The best way to do that is to get Simon to hire Annalise as his lawyer. Alas, when Oliver goes to the hospital to pitch that idea to Simon, he finds out that Simon is already being represented by C&G’s own Tegan Price.

Tegan spots Annalise at the hospital and informs Annalise that she’s had security placed outside of Simon’s room so no one can get in to see him unless she approves it. Annalise knows that Tegan is only representing Simon because of Laurel’s father. Since Simon is the one accused of stealing the hard drive from C&G, Annalise believes that Laurel’s father wants Simon watched.

Is Someone Targeting Bonnie?

In flashbacks, we see Wes save his conversation with Laurel’s mother to the USB drive and hide it under his floorboards. We also see him put Dominick’s number in his phone under as an emergency contact. When Laurel shows up at his apartment, Wes doesn’t tell her about his meeting with her mother. She also doesn’t tell him about sleeping with Frank. They eat dinner together like they’re not both hiding something from the other. (As much as I loved seeing Wes again, these flashbacks were pretty boring.)

In the present day, Laurel continues to wonder which one of her parents was responsible for Wes’ death. Frank says that her mom might be telling the truth, but Laurel doesn’t know who to believe. She’s also worried about her son. Frank promises that he’ll do whatever he has to do to make sure she gets her son back and Laurel makes him promise that he won’t kill anyone else. (Does anyone actually believe Frank will keep that promise?)

Frank gets pulled away from Laurel when he gets an alert about a mechanical error in Bonnie’s car. He checks the car over multiple times and can’t find anything wrong with it, but Bonnie still thinks someone is coming after her. Frank then tells Bonnie that he and Laurel paid Laurel’s mom a visit and Bonnie is not impressed. She tells him to fill Annalise in since she failed to do so earlier.

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Annalise and Isaac Part Ways

Michaela stops by Laurel’s place to ask for her advice on whether or not to tell Asher that she slept with Marcus. Laurel is right when she says she is not the right person to ask for relationship advice, given how she handled the Wes-Frank situation. Michaela wonders if they’re both just horrible people, but Laurel thinks they never learned how to be in normal relationships thanks to their crappy parents. Michaela says that she would’ve lost her mind a long time ago were it not for Asher and it makes me wonder yet again why the writers had her cheat on him.

Meanwhile, Annalise goes to see Isaac at the hospital, clearly caught up in guilt about his overdose. Isaac tells Annalise that what happened to him wasn’t her fault and that he overdosed because he wanted to die. He also says that this is the last time they will see each other. Annalise leaves Isaac’s hospital room in tears and I wonder if this really is the way their twisted, but fascinating, relationship will end.

As Annalise leaves Isaac’s room, she gets a call from Nate saying that Simon remembered seeing Laurel at the C&G party the night of the shooting and he is giving a statement to the police in the morning. Annalise calls Laurel to tell her that Simon remembered seeing her that night and he’s going to talk to the police. Annalise tells Laurel not to talk to anyone and to stay put until Frank gets there. (Annalise should know by now that Laurel never does what she’s told.)

Laurel Threatens Denver for Information

After her chat with Laurel, Michaela finally works up the nerve to tell Asher the truth, but he already knows. He says he figured it out the moment he saw her and Marcus together, but he tried to talk himself out of his suspicions. Michaela tries to explain why she cheated on him, but Asher won’t hear it.

Annalise walks in as Michaela and Asher are having it out and tells them they have bigger problems to worry about. She reveals that Simon remembered Laurel being at the party so he’s probably going to get the rest of his memories back. Annalise says the only way out of this is to convince Simon not to make a statement. This is where Oliver comes in.

Oliver poses as Tegan’s assistant in order to get access to Simon’s hospital room. He then hands Simon a phone so Annalise can talk to him. Annalise tells Simon that it will come down to his word against theirs and no one will believe Simon since he’s been accused of stealing from his workplace. Since Simon is still in danger of being deported, Annalise says he can get a green card if he goes to the government as a whistle-blower. Alas, the only way the FBI will give him whistle-blower status is if he hands over the stolen hard drive. This means they have to actually find the missing hard drive which Annalise says Bonnie is taking care of.

Michaela distracts Tegan so Oliver could get in to see Simon. Michaela tries talking to Tegan about Tegan’s work for Laurel’s dad, but Tegan once again shuts her down. Tegan is clearly afraid of someone, but is it Laurel’s father or someone else? Later, when Tegan goes to see Simon, he tells her to cancel his statement with the police because he was confused about seeing Laurel that night. He then fires Tegan as his lawyer.

As expected, Laurel didn’t stay put like Annalise told her to. Instead, she goes to see Denver to threaten him with proof of his connection to her father. Denver asks what she wants and Laurel says she wants to know who killed Wes.

Meanwhile, Frank finally fills Annalise in on what’s going on with Laurel’s mother.

Laurel Learns the Truth…Or Does She?

Bonnie leaves a message for Annalise saying that she found out that Denver is the one who has the hard drive. He’s apparently been playing both sides. Just then, we see that Denver knows Bonnie is looking into him and he calls an unknown person to tell them to handle it.

The next time we see Laurel, she goes to confront her mother. According to phone records Denver gave her, Laurel’s mom did get Wes’ voicemail the night he died because she called him back. Via flashbacks, we see Laurel’s mom return Wes’ call and Wes tells her that he’s in trouble with the police and Laurel might be, too. Laurel’s mom then calls Laurel’s father and tells him about Wes’ legal issues. Laurel’s mom tells Laurel’s father that he needs to do something about Wes. In the present day, Laurel confronts her mother about turning Wes over to her father. Laurel now believes that her parents worked together to murder her boyfriend. (Is it really that simple or is there more to the story?)

As the episode comes to a close, Annalise gets Bonnie’s message about Denver. She then gets a call from Nate saying that there’s been a car accident and we see a body bag being put into an ambulance. Who was in that apparently fatal car accident?

What did you think of this episode of How to Get Away with Murder? Who died in that “accident” at the end of the episode? How will Laurel react if it turns out that her parents really did have Wes killed? Should Asher forgive Michaela for cheating on him? Will Connor and Oliver tie the knot in the season finale? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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