In the sixth episode of season 3 of How to Get Away with Murder, “Is Someone Really Dead?,” Annalise and the Keating 5 are shocked by a revelation in the Mahoney murder investigation. Meanwhile, the team takes on the case of a veteran accused of assault, and we get closer to learning who is under the sheet.

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The Cops Are After Wes

The episode begins with Annalise confronting Bonnie about lying to her. Bonnie tells Annalise that she went to see Frank for a reason. She then plays a recording she made of Frank confessing to shooting Wallace Mahoney. Annalise says they can’t use said confession because if they go to the police about Frank, Frank will turn around and tells the cops everything they’ve done since Sam’s murder. Laurel thinks Annalise brought this on herself because she tried to kill Frank. Annalise lies and says she didn’t hire a hitman. They continue arguing until Laurel and Wes are both contacted by Meggy.

It turns out that the cops are at his apartment. Laurel talks to Meggy on the phone while everyone listens in and Meggy says there are two New York cops waiting to talk to Wes about a shooting he witnessed. Laurel lies and tells Meggy that Wes went to the library and that’s what she should tell the police.

Wes wants to just go talk to the cops, but Annalise tells him not to leave the house. She thinks Frank gave them Wes’ name in order to make Wes a suspect. This is his way of hitting back because he thinks they are going to turn his confession over to the cops. Annalise locks the recording away and tells Laurel to dump Wes’ phone at the library. When Wes tries to leave again, Annalise threatens to chain him up in the basement “like Rebecca.”

The next day, Wes calls Meggy and lies to her yet again. He tells her the same story that he told the cops — that he was just asking a stranger for directions when he was shot in front of him. Wes then asks Annalise if they should see if Nate can learn anything more about the case, but Annalise says they aren’t involving Nate in their messes anymore. She tells him she’ll take care of it and then leaves Wes and Bonnie to babysit each other.

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Annalise Goes Back to Work

Annalise learns that her reinstatement comes with several conditions. She has to abstain from drinking, go to weekly AA meetings, and submit to random alcohol testing. The board also expects to see a change in her conduct, both in and out of court. The board will not tolerate any of Annalise’s unusual practices and she is warned that this is a two-strike system. I guess that means if Annalise screws up more than twice, she’ll have her license taken away again.

Wes doesn’t show up for class the next day, on Annalise’s orders, but Annalise comes back to teaching. She presents their new case of an army veteran who is facing aggravated assault charges. She attacked a drunken jerk who was bothering her and her girlfriend in a bar. All the students present their ideas of how to defend this woman, but Annalise likes Drake-the-douche’s approach the best. He says they should go with the PTSD angle because their client, Danni, was attacked while she was stationed overseas.

The university president comes to see Annalise because the NYPD detectives contacted her looking for Wes. Annalise claims she doesn’t know where he is. Annalise then comes clean to the rest of the Keating 5 about Wes’ involvement in Mahoney’s shooting. Michaela thinks they should let Wes talk to the cops, but Annalise says they can’t do that until they know why the police want to question him. Annalise reminds the Keating 5 that she always protects him and she’ll do so again.

Things are still very tense between Annalise and Bonnie. Bonnie isn’t convinced that Frank is the one who gave the cops Wes’ name. She thinks Frank just wants to come home. Annalise says if Frank does come back, Bonnie can let him know that Annalise will kill him for real. Bonnie says she came back home because she loves Annalise. Annalise sends her home because she’s not ready to forgive her yet.

Laurel is waiting outside and she asks Bonnie what happened with Frank. Bonnie lies and says nothing happened. Laurel then calls Frank and leaves him a message saying that if he turned Wes in, she’ll never forgive him. (How will Laurel react if she learns that Frank and Bonnie slept together?)

Annalise Asks Bonnie for Help

When Annalise arrives in court, ADA Atwood is there to greet her. Atwood asked to be co-counsel when she learned this was Annalise’s case. Annalise then tells Drake the douche that she’s doing the cross even though he’s first chair. Yet Annalise seems to be a bit rusty and things do not go well when she questions the victim.

Michaela comes to Annalise and tells her that she learned something from their client’s ex-girlfriend. It turns out that their client was never attacked overseas. The client, Danni, admits that she wasn’t attacked but that the attack really did happen but not to her. She read about it in a report and made it into her own story. Annalise tells her client she cannot put her on the stand if she’s going to lie and the client says she needs help, not jail time. She asks Annalise what she should do.

Annalise comes up with an idea, but she needs Bonnie’s help to pull it off. The next day in court, Annalise puts her client on the stand and Danni tells her story about being attacked overseas. She says she was triggered that night in the bar and she attacked the victim due to PTSD. Bonnie arrives in court while their client is testifying. Annalise then asks the judge to see her in chambers.

Annalise reports that her client was on desk duty the day she was supposedly attacked overseas and she lied on the stand. Atwood tries to argue that Annalise is going for a mistrial, but Annalise says she had an obligation to report that her client perjured herself. Atwood then apparently offers her a deal. If Danni pleads guilty to a misdemeanor and agrees to go to veteran’s treatment court for a substance abuse problem, she won’t go to jail. Annalise tells her client to take the deal because it’s the only way she’s going to get help and still stay out of jail.

The Blame Game

While Wes is stuck at Annalise’s, Connor drops by to see him. Connor wants to make sure Wes isn’t going to do something stupid like turn himself in. Wes knows that Connor blames him and Connor says that everything that has gone wrong for them started when Wes killed Sam. Connor tells Wes that if Wes even mentions his name to the cops, Connor will kill him.

Later, Connor walks in as the others are advising Oliver where to take his internet date. Oliver leaves before things get too awkward, but Connor confronts him later that night. He wants to know why Oliver is going on dates if Oliver’s reason for breaking up with him is that he needed to be alone. Connor is worried that maybe Oliver just doesn’t want to date him. Oliver doesn’t answer, but says that since they are broken up, he is allowed to see other people.

When Annalise comes home, Wes tells her that he thinks they should use Frank’s recorded confession to negotiate an immunity deal. Annalise says it won’t work because no one in the DA’s office is going to negotiate with her. Wes accuses Annalise of protecting Frank and Annalise tells him that Frank was responsible for her baby’s death. She goes on to say that Mahoney was behind the car crash but Frank was involved. Wes then says everything that’s happening is because she is trying to protect him. Annalise says that was her choice and she probably should’ve just left him alone but she wanted to be a better person. (Honestly, there’s more than enough blame to go around. These people should stop worrying about whose to blame and start working together to move forward.)

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Lots of Sex and a Homecoming

We see that Oliver’s date with Thomas the acupuncturist is going very well and Oliver is about to invite Thomas inside, but Thomas cuts Oliver off and says he doesn’t sleep with guys he likes on the first date. They agree to go out again. Poor Connor is right when he tells Michaela that he doesn’t want to know how Oliver’s date went.

Earlier in the episode, Asher and Michaela break up after Michaela once again implies that their relationship is nothing but sex. A few days later, Asher stops by Michaela’s place with a story about sleeping with another girl to make her jealous. Michaela doesn’t buy it and Asher admits he was lying. Asher says the sex-only thing isn’t working for him. He goes on to say that Michaela is like his family now and he wants to be there for her. Michaela still has a lot of trust issues when it comes to men but she eventually admits that she likes Asher, for more than just the sex. This leads to kissing and make-up sex, thus making that the shortest “breakup” ever.

Annalise and Bonnie return to the house to find that Wes is gone and he took the recording with him. Wes goes to Laurel’s place and destroys Frank’s confession right in front of her. Wes destroys the confession to protect Annalise. He’s afraid if the cops learn Frank was behind Mahoney’s shooting, they will blame her. Wes says he’s just going to stick to his original story. Laurel and Wes then begin to discuss Frank, and Laurel says she’s not in love with Frank anymore. When Laurel learns that Wes broke up with Meggy, things heat up between them. Even though sex will surely complicate matters, Wes and Laurel sleep together.

Connor bursts in while Michaela and Asher are having sex to let them know about a news report on the Mahoney case. The cops are said to have Mahoney’s son in custody on charges of murder. Everyone is freaking out thinking the cops have arrested Wes, but Wes is still hanging out at Laurel’s. It turns out that cops arrested Mahoney’s other son, aka Annalise’s former client, Charles Mahoney. The cops found the murder weapon in his car and we see that Frank is the one who put it there. Bonnie and Annalise figure this out and Bonnie once again says that Frank just wants to come home. Unbeknownst to Annalise, Frank is already on his way back to Philadelphia.

Another Keating 5 Survivor is Revealed

In this week’s flash forward, we see Michaela freaking out after learning that someone is dead. When she fails to get in touch with Asher, she leaves her mother alone in her apartment and goes out to find her friends.

She heads to Asher’s dorm where a party is going on. She finds Asher alive and well in the midst of it. Michaela is relieved that her boyfriend is alive, but she’s still worried about Connor. She asks Asher if he was with Connor that night and he says he was with both Connor and Laurel when Annalise called them. Apparently, while Michaela was with her mother, Annalise asked the others to come over. Does this mean Annalise knows what happened at her house?

What did you think of this episode of How to Get Away with Murder season 3? Are you happy to know that Asher is still alive? What do you think of his relationship with Michaela now that we know they really care for one another? What did you think of the Laurel-Wes hook up? Are you surprised Nate told Annalise about his relationship with ADA Atwood? Did Frank always intend to pin Mahoney’s murder on his son or is that something he came up with to get back in Annalise’s good graces?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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