Designated Survivor dives headfirst into the hottest political topics of today’s headlines with its fifth episode titled “The Mission.” President Kirkman (Keifer Sutherland) is attempting to come to a timely conclusion of the war against the United States by sending Navy SEALs to Algeria in an act of force to capture a terrorist.

Algeria is under attack by the United States after the country refuses to disclose the whereabouts of Majid Nassar, the leader of terrorist group Al Sakar, the main suspect in the bombing of the Capitol building.

Kirkman requests the capture of known terrorist Majid Nassar and as soon as the call goes out for his search and rescue in Algeria, the president finds Nassar has left the compound where he was hiding. He is eventually located him in the basement of a hospital, but there will be causalities if he is taken by force. Even so, Kirkman decides to put “American boots” on the ground to try and quickly take Nassar out of his hiding spot without harming innocent lives.

What Does Sole Survivor Peter MacLeash Have to do With the Bombing?

In the midst of deciding whether or not to retaliate against the terrorists, Kirkman presides over a ceremony to honor Congressman Peter MacLeash for surviving the bomb attack on the Capitol building.

144502_0162.jpgIn his first official act as President, Kirkman will realize the solders he sends to Algeria might not return from the life-threatening trip. Kirkman reveals to wife Alex (Natascha McElhone) his fears for the men’s future.

Prior to setting foot in Algeria, one of the SEAL troop’s choppers goes down, due to a sandstorm in the area. 

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Was the Capitol Bombing the Result of a Domestic Attack?

The investigation into the Capitol bombing continues with special agent Hannah Wells (Maggie Q) at the helm. At the end of episode four, Hannah realizes that there is more to the bombing than meets the eye. After getting a cryptic phone call telling her to look towards Capitol room 105 for clues, she finds evidence that will potentially change the burden of proof away from the terrorists an onto domestic soil.

Room 105 is a hidden office that is not on the official Capitol blueprints, and Maggie is determined to find out its secrets. It is later revealed that all eight men that worked on the construction of room 105 have died mysteriously over the past several months.

Maggie determines that 105 is a designated bomb shelter inside the Capitol. Congressman MacLeash’s survival is not a coincidence and he was found to be in that secured room at the time of the bombing that wiped out the entire Presidential cabinet.

144790_1861.jpgMacLeash is asked to be Speaker of the House by the president, but he turns down the offer. He wants to serve the American people instead of being a mouthpiece for the government and tells White House Chief of Staff Aaron Shore (Adan Cando) as much. Kirkman then suggests MacLeash should be made Vice-President.

The President watches as Navy SEALs storm the hospital. Viewing the events alongside his cabinet, the President loses his feed of the SEAL attack and later learns the team has captured Nassar. In turn, they have also lost the leader off the United States SEAL team, Commander Max Clarke, who used himself as a human shield to protect the children that were being held hostage at the hospital from gunfire.

Secrets from one family member’s past threaten to surface and the shocking twist hits too close to home for the Kirkman presidency. Jeffrey Meyers, a man who once had a relationship with now-First Lady Alex and is serving time in a federal prison, has revealed he is the father of Leo (Tanner Buchanan). Does President Kirkman know the truth?

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