Tonight’s episode of How To Get Away With Murder keeps in line with the last two episodes, the night of the campus bonfire. The body of Sam Keating is bleeding out on his wife’s office floor, Wes is comforting Rebecca, and Michaela is in a corner freaking out. Back track to two months earlier, Rebecca and Griffin have been booked on first degree murder, Lila’s murder investigation is putting everyone on edge, and the defense team has a case of epic proportions on their hands.

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The Case of Paula Murphy

After getting arrested for having oral sex with a stranger in the park, Paula Murphy meets Annalise and her team at the police station. The charges are cleared and the soccer mom seems to be in the clear even from her husband finding out, thanks to the talented attorney/professor. However, as they are leaving the building, a swarm of US Marshals rolls up and we find out Paula Murphy is really Elena Aguilar. She’s wanted for a 1994 bombing of a financial building that killed a janitor. She skipped town as soon as she posted bond. Everyone else in her old anti-establishment group served their time and she seems ready to serve hers. A plea deal of 10 years is on the table but Annalise convinces her not to take it. She has a husband and kids she has to think about and 10 years is too long despite the fact her prints were all over the bomb fragments.

So what’s the game plan? 1.The mind control defense. 2. They needed to show two things. First, they have to prove Paula/Elena was under the influence of the group she was a part of. Next they have to show that the bombing was all the group leader’s idea aka Gabriel Shaw’s and Elena was blindly following him. They seem to have this case in the bag. They even drive up to the prison to visit Shaw himself with Elena in tow. It is clear they were romantically involved back in the day, professing to her and Annalise that he will say the bombing was all his idea if it meant keeping her out of jail.

But we all know that with this show, things never go smoothly. When they show up to court, the prosecution calls Shaw to the stand and he testifies that the bombing was all Elena’s idea. On cross, he confesses that he loved her but came to his senses, deciding to tell the truth. Annalise reveals that Shaw was promised to get early release if he testified for the state. Their case is still damaged, so the students have to “prove their worth.” Micheala gets the files on Shaw’s case and prison logs. Paula’s mother made quite a few calls to him in jail. Before she can bask in her courtroom glory, Paula is MIA. She’s run off with Gabrielle, the two sharing a kiss as a board a bus into the sunset.

The Case Against Rebecca Sutter

Wes is reeling over the fact that his next door neighbor has been charged with the murder of Lila, the missing college student. So are we, because as far was know, it looks like Annalise’s husband, Sam, has something to do with it. While the professor’s detective boy toy is investigating him, the evidence against her is mounting. Remember the phone Wes found in his bathroom after Rebecca borrowed his shower? He thought it was Rebecca’s phone, but when it rings, the caller asks for Lila to hook him up with drugs. This story just gets stickier and stickier.

And when Griffin comes in to tell his side of the story, it sends Wes over the edge. Griffin’s story goes like this: He was at a frat party getting hammered and wanted to get some drugs. He tells his girlfriend Lila to call her friend Rebecca. Rebecca shows up and the two get it on. Lila walks in on them and she flips. That explains his DNA under her fingernails. She ran off and he spent the whole night looking for her.  He tells them that Rebecca set the whole thing up and she must have killed Lila.

That night Wes forges a fake lawyer’s ID and goes down to the jail to talk to Rebecca. He tells her that he has Lila’s phone and wants to know who’s on it. Instead of coming clean, she rats him out to the police and gets him escorted out. Annalise of course finds out and is livid that he didn’t tell her he knew her. And he may have done more harm than good, because at the very end of the episode, Rebecca confesses to the murder.

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The Case Against Sam Keating

Nate does some serious digging and discovers that Sam wasn’t at the lecture at Yale nor was his car in the parking lot the night Lila was murdered. The case against him isn’t looking good at all, yet it’s still all circumstantial at this point. However, when he meets up with Annalise he tells her that his alibi is solid. Why would he tell her that?? Were you just as confused as I was??

Michaela’s Interesting Back Story

At the time she’s enrolled in Annalise’s class, the smart Micheala Pratt is engaged and her fiancée is in town visiting. When she takes him to meet the rest of her classmates we find out that he and Connor went to boarding school together. After a few rounds of smart remarks, Connor reveals that they (meaning he and her fiancé) had a brief little fling back in school sending Micheala into a tailspin. Her fiancée assures her it was just one stupid thing and he wanted to marry her. Fast forward to the night of the bon fire, she loses her engagement ring while helping her friends move Sam’s body.

How to Get Away With Murder
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