In the mid-season finale, we finally learned that it was Wes who delivered the killing blow to Sam Keating on Murder Night. We also learned that Annalise was aware of Sam’s death, but we have yet to learn how involved she was in the plan to get rid of Sam’s body.

In the mid-season premiere, “Hello Raskolnikov,” the action picks up the day after Sam’s murder, as the Keating Five are asked to help in the search for Annalise’s “missing” husband, all the while trying to clear Rebecca of Lila’s murder. Read on to find out if this episode of How to Get Away with Murder delivers the suspense and intrigue we have come to expect.

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Annalise is in Control

We pick up with Annalise being questioned about Sam’s disappearance. She tells the police that she only just learned about Sam’s affair with Lila and that she believes he had something to do with her murder. While she’s talking to the cops, we get a flashback to Murder Night.

As many fans suspected, Annalise comes up with the plan to burn Sam’s body and get rid of the remains. She takes Wes through it, step by step, and tells him to do exactly as she says. We also get confirmation that Annalise went to Nate’s place after she found Sam’s body in order to set him up as her alibi. And unless flashbacks reveal something different later on, it looks like Bonnie does not know anything about Sam’s death.

Annalise returns home after being questioned and sees how paranoid her students are. Annalise tells Wes that he needs to keep her involvement a secret from the others and that she is helping them because it helps her — if the police learn Sam was killed, she will be the number one suspect.

The D.A. stops by Annalise’s home to tell her that she thinks Sam’s “disappearance” is just a ruse to get Rebecca off. Annalise tells her people that their only chance of saving Rebecca is to prove that Sam killed Lila.

Finding Proof Against Sam

The first step in proving Sam’s guilt is to test his DNA to prove that he was the father of Lila’s baby. Frank has an independent lab run the test and it confirms that Sam was the father. The next step is to find proof that Sam was in town the night Lila was murdered. They realize that Sam’s phone would have tracked his whereabouts that night, so they can check Sam’s laptop to see if he uploaded the data from his phone.

Another important piece of the puzzle is motive. Sam’s motive for killing Lila would be if he knew she was pregnant with his child. Rebecca tells the others that Lila asked about the clinic she used for birth control, presumably so she could get an abortion. They manage to get the footage from the clinic and it shows Sam with Lila. They find a witness who confirms that Sam tried to pressure Lila into having an abortion.

When Annalise gets an expert to testify that Sam’s phone not only shows him in town the night Lila was killed, it shows him on the roof of the sorority house where Lila’s body was found within the time-frame of Lila’s time-of-death, the D.A. drops the charges against Rebecca.

Connor and Michaela Fall Apart

Though no one sans Wes is dealing well in the aftermath of the murder, Connor and Michaela seem to be having the worst time of it. Connor approaches Michaela early in the episode and suggests they go to the police and confess. Since Rebecca was the one who broke into the Keating home and Wes delivered the killing blow, they could save themselves. They could plead to a felony and still save their careers.

Michaela hesitates at first, but eventually comes around to Connor’s way of thinking. But Connor points out that they need to get Laurel on their side, as well. It seems obvious that Laurel is up to something because she agrees to pin the murder on Wes and Rebecca way too easily. It turns out Laurel had already figured out that Annalise knows they killed Sam. So Laurel tells Wes that Connor and Michaela are going to the police, and Wes goes to Annalise for help.

Let Me Help You

Wes and Annalise stop Connor and Michaela outside the police station. Annalise tells them that she does not blame them for killing her husband. If she did, she would have turned them in that night. Annalise says she can help them get away with the murder, if they will accept her help. They do, but I imagine it has less to do with trusting Annalise and more to do with not having many other options.

In a strange move, Annalise uses Sam’s murder as a hypothetical question on the class exam and tells them all to figure out how they would get the individuals involved acquitted.

Will Sam’s Sister Blow the Cover-Up?

Throughout the episode, the Keating Five and Bonnie are all questioned about Sam’s disappearance. Wes, Michaela, Connor and Laurel all have their stories straight, for now. Laurel and Connor even manage to paint Sam in a bad light, as Laurel says Sam used to look at her in a sexual way and Connor says he is worried about Annalise because her husband turned out to be a worse criminal than the ones they defend.

Asher throws a wrench into things when he tells the police that he saw Connor’s SUV at the Keating house that night, but Michaela covers by saying that they parked the SUV there before they went to the bonfire because they knew it would be too hard to find parking closer to campus. All in all, everything goes surprisingly well and it looks like they will get away with killing Sam.

Alas, as the episode comes to a close, Connor calls Annalise to tell her that her sister-in-law has come to town and she tells the police she is convinced Sam was not responsible for Lila’s death. If Annalise’s reaction is anything to go on, this woman will be trouble. And I, for one, cannot wait to see Viola Davis go head-to-head with Marcia Gay Harden.

Other Happenings

— The relationship between Wes and Annalise continues to be one of the most fascinating aspects of the show. At one point, Annalise caresses Wes’ cheek and tells him that she needs him to be strong. Later, Wes tells Annalise that she is the only person the others will listen to. He also gives her Sam’s ring, which he apparently removed from the body because he thought she might want it.

— In other relationship news, Bonnie tells Asher that their hook-up was a one-time thing, Frank stops pursuing Laurel after he learns she is a murderer, Connor tries to reconnect with Oliver, and Michaela moves forward with her wedding plans. And though Nate confronts Annalise about the coincidence that she was with him when Sam went missing, he acts like he believes her when she says she went to him because she needed him.

What did you think of the mid-season premiere of How to Get Away with Murder? Are you surprised Annalise told Frank about the murder? Why did she tell him he had to keep Bonnie from finding out? Does she think Bonnie would turn them all in out of former loyalty to Sam? Does Nate really believe Annalise, or is he working her to get to the truth? And just what kind of trouble is Sam’s sister going to cause for Annalise and the Keating Five? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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