The 100 is not really a show for weak stomachs and innocent eyes. Every single episode contains the harsh realities of human survival in a ruthless, futuristic environment where war is the only path to peace. But that’s kind of what makes this show so amazing, right?

Let’s take a trip back to some of the most unforgettable moments CW’s The 100 has given us. And I’m not talking about the cave sex scene with Lincoln and Octavia, or the moment Bellamy and Clarke reunited and shared that emotionally charged embrace. Let’s dig into the freaky, horrific, awful moments. Here are all the times The 100 gave me nightmares.

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1. When Jasper Got Speared

jasper1101102.jpgIt was the first real sign of trouble once the 100 landed on Earth, and even though you knew it was coming, it didn’t make it any less terrifying. Very LOST-ish and Smoke Monster-y. And didn’t you think he was dead? I thought he was a goner.

2. When Lincoln was Tortured

lincoln1002.jpgYou already knew he would never hurt Octavia, so there had to be a good guy in there somewhere, right? Just leave the man alone, Bellamy!

100giphy (3).gif3. When Charlotte Murdered Wells

Charlotte-and-Wells100221.jpgI mean, is there really anything creepier than a murderous child? She had her own reasons, I guess, and she took a piece of advice from Bellamy waay too literally. Charlotte stabbing Wells came completely out of nowhere and as a viewer you knew you probably had the same blown away expression that Wells had as he bled out.

4. And Then When She Jumped

charlotte1002.jpgShe was so so young and although she wasn’t even close to being innocent anymore, you still didn’t want her to jump off a cliff. Even though it momentarily gave the group some peace, they still had Murphy’s impending wrath to deal with.

5. When Murphy Returns and Gets Everyone Infected

murphy1002.jpgHe shows up battered and bruised and claimed the Grounders tortured him. They obviously did, but they also knew that the 100 would take him in, and the virus they gave him would spread through the group. It was a haunting bloody and vomit-y mess. Luckily, pretty much everyone made it through, but it supplied graphic nightmares for days to come.

6. When Dr. Griffin Inspects the Dead Bodies in Section 17

The-100-moment31223.jpgIt was such a brave sacrifice for these people to make, and knowing it was basically all for nothing, the scene of Abbi checking the dead bodies was tragic and awful.

7. When They Witness Reapers Munching on Brains

giphy (1).gifOr when they first see the Reapers up close, or when Lincoln becomes a Reaper for a brief period of time. These drugged up cannibals are horrifying in every scene wherein they’re featured.

8. When Clarke Cuts Her Own Arm in Mt. Weather

clarke100221.jpgIt’s one of those where you can’t help but look through the finger slits of your hands covering your face. You don’t want to see it, but you also need to see it. And then it stays with you.

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9. When That Random Girl Dies Outside of Mt. Weather From Radiation Poisoning

the-100-season-2-episode-71002.jpgJUST LET HER INSIDE, YOU MONSTERS. Ugh. Her skin bubbling up to the point where she collapses? What a terrible way to go.

10. When Clarke Discovers the Grounder Blood Bags

rs_560x373-141111130607-1024-2234the-100.jpgSeeing human bodies thrown into cages or hanging upside down and used as blood bags is all kinds of messed up.

11. When Finn Killed Basically Everyone

fbd7e577ef7747a7c76b487c2d70e054.jpgHe was in a blind rage thinking that particular Grounder clan had killed Clarke, so he took his machine gun and kept on firing, even as children were trying to run and their parents were throwing their bodies in the line of fire. This moment ruined him as a man, and it changed all of us at home too.

What moments give you nightmares?

The 100 airs on Wednesdays at 9 pm on the CW. (Image courtesy of the CW and Giphy)

Chrissa Hardy

Contributing Writer, BuddyTV