Veronica Lodge is in the know when it comes to her family’s illicit empire on Riverdale, but only as much as her father wants. When it comes to dropping bodies, the heiress is woefully in the dark. With a mind as sharp as Ronnie’s, you know those secrets won’t stay buried for long.

At the moment, Veronica (Camila Mendes) is placing her trust in all the wrong people. She tried to stay on top of her father and Archie’s (KJ Apa) dual deception during “The Hills Have Eyes,” but she fell woefully short. Despite her BF’s promise that he would put their relationship ahead of his partnership with Hiram (Mark Consuelos), the men of her life have secrets she can’t even begin to imagine.

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But don’t expect the murders of Poppa Poutine and that Shadow Lake burglar to stay off Veronica’s radar forever. The teen will confront Archie and her father before the year is out. 

“It will be with the episodes to come,” Mendes promised Harper’s Bazaar. “They will be digging even deeper into that storyline.”

In the meantime, Veronica will attempt to keep her parents’ dealings from dragging her under. She once thought Archie was the light in the darkness, but we know that’s no longer true. Our small-town protag is mired deep in the world of the “family,” and that means his girlfriend will have to look for another pure-hearted tether.

“I think that’s her whole character arc this season,” the actress mused. “How much is she willing to compromise her integrity? She’s trying to have each foot in both worlds. She’s trying to stay one foot in the world of good and one foot in the world of evil so that she can find a middle ground and try to constantly find compromises, or steer her parents into a direction of good.”

And yet even she has her doubts. After all, Veronica’s the one who spent most of season 1 convinced her father was behind the attacks on Fred Andrews’ business. She’s suspected her father of murder before, as did Archie. Somewhere along the line, they both lost their suspicions (and a chunk of their morality.) It’s high time at least one of them won their morals back.

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How do you think Veronica will react when she learns of Archie and Hiram’s continued partnership? What about the bodies her father’s men are responsible for sending six feet under? Sound off in the comments section!

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