Last week, How I Met Your Mother gave us a-not-so-exceptional but still strikingly funny installment. We saw Ted (Josh Radnor) starting his own architecture firm out of his apartment – thus the title of the episode “Mosbius Designs.” We also saw Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) as he came clean to Marshall about his feelings for Robin (Cobie Smulders), while Marshall (Jason Segel) learned that keeping his job has nothing to do with hard work.

According to Barney, having a “thing” at work is the key to keeping your job. At any workplace, there are people who are expendable but who are loved by their colleagues because of the things they offer. Evidently, Goliath also has a bunch of colorful employees, ranging from toy guy, food guy, YouTube guy, fantasy guy to creepy backrub guy, and this left Marshall with just a few options. In the end, Marshall decided to be the sports guy, also known as the guy who handles the fantasy sports leagues and all the gambling that comes with it.

While I don’t completely agree with Barney’s advice, it’s still fun to ponder on the things that people do at work that forge their popularity and reputation, whether intentional or not. In real life, I’ve actually encountered a guy who habitually tells dirty jokes, an odd woman who gives pedicures during lunch breaks, a boy who openhandedly offers to give rides with his car and a woman who never runs out of junk food in her office drawer.

“Mosbius Designs” got me thinking of my “thing” as well. I don’t really have one – at least, nothing I deliberately planned. But at some point, I was known for having candy and allergy medicines in my purse. It’s a weird combination especially since I don’t really have any allergies to begin with. But I keep the medicines for emergency purposes and the candy, just because I like it.

Are you known for something at work? What’s your thing?

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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Kris De Leon

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