Everyone’s got baggage and How I Met Your Mother celebrates that fact in this week’s episode entitled “The Wedding Bride.” Evidently, Marshall’s baggage is that he’s too nice, which is the worst kind of baggage according to Barney. The best kind, on the other hand, is when a woman hates her dad and thinks she’s fat even though she’s not.

Whenever Ted hooks up with a woman, he eventually finds reasons not to be with her and Royce, his date this week, is no exception. He tries to find what kind of baggage she has only to realize that he himself has his own: he was left at the altar. And the movie The Wedding Bride, which is about Stella leaving Ted for Tony, made him realize just that.

But Ted couldn’t stand the fact that the whole world is now looking down on his character Jed (played by Chris Kattan), who is depicted as the bad guy in the love story instead of the brokenhearted fool who was left at the altar. Thanks to Marshall’s words of encouragement, Ted gathers enough courage to tell Royce, as well everyone in the movie theater, that he is in fact Jed but not the kind of person depicted in the movie. He also gives a grand speech about wanting to be with her and making her pancakes–which just seems so weak, cheesy and something that I wouldn’t expect from How I Met Your Mother.

Ironically, in the end, Ted learns about Royce’s baggage: she’s been left at the altar three times, has a gambling problem and is still living with her brother. And just like that Ted finds yet another reason to dump his date.

Though nothing really eventful happened, all in all the episode was still entertaining. Here’s hoping that next week’s finale will live up to all the hype.  

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Kris De Leon

Staff Writer, BuddyTV