What will now happen to Barney and Robin? And what’s in store for Ted as he takes on a teaching job in a class where he will eventually meet the future mother of his children. Viewers won’t get all the answers to last season’s cliffhangers when How I Met Your Mother returns for its fifth season on September 21 but at least, series creator Craig Thomas hints on what fans can look forward to in the coming episodes.

“For a long time the mother was in this big vast ocean of New York City; she could be anyone. And we ended the season with Ted teaching at Columbia University — literally in the same room as the mother. So that has added a great suspense element in the writing. We’ve gotten some great material out of that, including a whole story that plays almost like a horror movie. Suspenseful ominous music is playing and at any point Ted can round a corner and run into the mother. It’s been a really nice engine for writing the season so far,” Thomas told Entertainment Weekly‘s Michael Ausiello.

For four consecutive years, How I Met Your Mother has been snubbed at the Emmys despite its clever writing, brilliant cast and hilarious storylines. This year, the show set ratings record and has finally received its much awaited Emmy nod for Best Comedy.

“It’s funny because when you don’t get nominated you find yourself being, like, 17 years-old and going, “The prom is stupid!” because no one asked you. But deep down you want someone to ask you. It is kind of nice to get asked to the prom and put on a tux and all that,” Thomas said.

Neil Patrick Harris, who plays the show’s resident womanizer Barney, has already confirmed that he’s hosting the awards show this year. He’s also been nominated for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy.

“Clearly if How I Met Your Mother wins the Emmy for best comedy there’s going to be a huge investigation into Neil’s backstage behavior. There’s going to put a steroids-like asterisk next to our win,” Thomas joked.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: EW
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