There’s something a little different about the upcoming 11th cycle of America’s Next Top Model. One of the aspiring models this season is transgendered – Isis, a 22-year-old from New York City. The inclusion of Isis as a competitor this season has earned Top Model and Tyra Banks praise from just about every gay rights group. Looking through the pictures of the contestants, Isis does not appear to stand out in any way and, in fact, seems to have more of the Top Model look than other people in the competition. The only thing more interesting than Isis being on the show is the story of how she got there. On Friday, Top Model executive producer Ken Mok revealed how Tyra found her. In fact, fans of the show have actually seen Isis before. They just don’t realize it.

Fans will remember that early in cycle 10, Tyra asked the models to do a photo shoot to raise awareness about the homeless youth in America. The models posed as homeless people while actual homeless people from a shelter posed in beautiful, designer clothing. One of the people living in the shelter at the time was, in fact, Isis. “We didn’t know anything about her,” Mok told “But when we started reviewing the photos, the girl that kept popping out of the background was Isis. She really knew what she was doing. Tyra wanted to know who she was. It was clear she really had a passion for modeling. So when it came to casting this season, we said, ‘Why don’t we find that girl?'”

America’s Next Top Model was happy to bring Isis onto the show, at Tyra’s request, for one simple reason. “We want to redefine what beauty is,” Mok said. “You can be tall, you can be short, you can be plus size, you can be transgender; you don’t have to be what the modeling industry says you have to be. That was one of Tyra’s original missions.” Mission accomplished. Let’s just hope that the show’s sponsors, such as Cover Girl, see things the same way!

Cycle 10 winner Whitney Thompson, and Isis on the bottom left:

– Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
Source: CW, RealityTV World
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