He may mean it as a joke, but for a bunch of Huddy fans on House, it’s not funny.

Talking to Entertainment Tonight, House star Hugh Laurie said it will probably take four and a half years for fans to finally figure out whether House and Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein) actually had sex or it was all a figment of his (deranged) imagination. Of course, to us, it’s all clear. They didn’t have sex, and it was a fake out that was so unfair.

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“It will be addressed, but teasingly, and it will probably take four and a half years,” Laurie joked, in reference to Huddy sex last season, which was, well, five seasons in the making.

Judging from recent comments and feedback, however, it seems as though a lot of House fans have grown tired of Huddy and just want the old House back – probably a downside of having something sizzle for a long time without a timely release and consummation.

Nevertheless, what we can expect when Fox medical drama House returns on September 21 is House being House, but more “damaged” than usual.  “He is pretty much where he was at the end of season five. In this case, the season picks up only a matter of days after season five ended and House is going through a pretty harrowing medical and psychiatric experience.”

When House returns, the license of the enigmatic genius doctor is suspended and he is only able to work in a consultant capacity (Omar Epps previously revealed that House will still be acting as the leader of the group, sort of, on season 6). But his stay at the psychiatric facility might actually do something good for his social skills, as he is forced to improve on it.

“He is trying to keep himself in check, curb his acerbic tongue and connect with people in a way he hadn’t done previously,” Laurie says. “How long it will last remains to be seen. I have my doubts.”

– Glenn Diaz, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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