So much to talk about this week in the Gossip Girl world! Tons of set photos are coming out, and we’re just weeks away from the Season 3 premiere, which is why the CW has been upping the ante with brand new teasers and promos and even a Season 2 refresher, but… uh… wait, what was I saying again? All I can think about is this super-hot photo of Ed and Leighton in the upcoming Elle and stammer out the word, “CHAIR!” because my mouth is full of drool. Just look at these GQ motherchuckers over here.

Let’s get to the rest of the (non-creepy) news of the week:

Chace Crawford and Ashley Green were caught kissing after the Teen Choice Awards. Meanwhile, Gossip Girl and Twilight each took home the most awards in their respective categories. Coincidence? Or are the sexy stars trying to become the King and Queen of some sort of squealing-tween-girl Empire? You decide.

Myspace looked inside Taylor Momsen’s closet and managed not to ask the question I’ve been wondering for a while now: if she really is 16, why do her parents let her out of the house looking like that? Here’s a child talking about her loves for lingerie and leather, try not to feel creepy!

Kristen Bell says she takes fashion notes from each Gossip Girl episode to construct her sense of style. Okay, A) that’s a little excessive and clearly false, but the girl is still on the GG payroll so I understand why such things would come out of her otherwise stellar mouth and B) is this really the best example she could think of? “If Blake Lively wears a white silky vest, I write down ‘Serena – white silky vest’.” Right. I try to pay attention to Gossip Girl fashions too, but it never occurred to me to keep a Compositions notebook full of vague wardrobe descriptors as my “inspiration.” Because that is CRAZY. Oh well, I guess we should just be glad she skipped the day(s) Jenny had a rat-tailed-mullet.

Someone over at Newsweek thinks NYC Prep “trumps” Gossip Girl because NYC Prep is sex-less, awkward, one of the girls says “definitely” too often, and PC IS BETTER EYE CANDY THAN CHACE CRAWFORD?! I can’t even dignify this argument with a convincing “nu huh,” and what’s the point? There’s really no reasoning with the INSANE. This is all I have to say:

Leighton Meester and Sebastian Stan might move in together! No joke here. Congrats to the adorable couple!

Ed Westwick got in a fight with British actor Toby Hemingway (who?) during J.C. Chasez’s birthday party. Which is probably the most exciting thing that has ever happened at a J.C. Chasez party. Apparently Chace Crawford (who “starred” in The Covenant with Hemingway) had to break up the scuffle between his bros. And they all hugged it out over their mutual past in terrible “horror” films.

The GG producers are now casting for Vanessa’s mother! Quoth the Ausiello: “Gabriela Abrams: An African-American female in her early 40s. She’s Vanessa’s attractive, warm, outgoing mother. Recurring potential.”

Designers Tory Burch and Georgina Chapman (Marchesa) are going to appear on Gossip Girl this season. Because what this show desperately needs are more cameos by famous people who cannot act.

-Meghan Carlson, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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