Fox medical drama House kicks off its sixth season with a two-hour premiere on September 21. That’s nearly a month and a half away before we figure out what will become of House (Hugh Laurie) after being admitted to a mental facility supposedly for detox. Of course, there are other notable storylines that hang in the balance, including the possibility of House and Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein) finally doing something more than a hallucinatory hook-up, newlyweds Chase (Jesse Spencer) and Cameron (Jennifer Morrison), and the team minus Kutner (Kal Penn).

Read on to find out what else is in store for our favorite enigmatic doctor in this House season 6 preview, now that his insanity, lunacy, psychosis, whatever is finally revealed to be something beyond mere cynicism and misanthrope.

What we know for sure is that the House season 6 premiere was filmed “exclusively” at the Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital, meaning this is not some hallucination. House is truly locked up at the fictional Mayfield Psychiatric Hospital (established 1876). “What happens,” says the trailer, “when the doctor becomes the patient?” In one scene, we see House calling Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard) to confirm that he indeed was in an asylum.

Things look pretty real, not to mention tough and hard to bear, as we also see House struggling as he was being carried by three hospital attendants (typical of crazy people?). As we all know, House is trying to recover from his injurious bout of hallucination that damaged pretty badly him toward the end of last season.

In the asylum, it is obvious that House is terrorizing it. Knowing that a guy was claustrophobic, for instance, while playing basketball, he goes to the guy face-to-face while taunting him, “Am I crowding you?” Judging from the trailers alone, also on the House season 6 preview agenda is a new love interest for House in the person of Franka Potente, best known for playing Matt Damon’s girlfriend in The Bourne Identity.

– Glenn Diaz, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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