Last week on FOX’s House, we followed Dr. Gregory House as he found out that his father passed away.  Despite being stubborn, he was persuaded to go to the funeral.  Back at the hospital, the team was taksed to treat a young Chinese-American adoptee who suddenly collapsed in China while searching for her birth parents.  House was challenged as he had to diagnose her over the phone.

Recently, we reported that this season of House will bring us more than just a new look on the old characters, as Lisa Cuddy and Gregory House will be physically closer to each other than ever.  The actors behind the characters already admitted that they will further explore the relationship, a revelation that made fans across the world ecstatic to tune into the new season.

Moreover, the relationship between House and Wilson will also be watched closely, especially after Amber’s death.

“They are rent asunder,” Hugh Laurie admitted.  “That is one of the central relationships of the series and there is a rift between them.”

Nonetheless, Laurie assures fans that there won’t be trouble up ahead for the two.  In fact, he says, “For all his darkness, all his misery, there is something sort of vital about House that attracts Wilson to him, if for no other reason than Wilson is entertained by him.  And entertainment is not a trifling thing.”

Laurie adds that he really enjoys playing House, saying, “I know he has many, many bad qualities, but I do still love the character very much.  I love the mixture of light and dark – the fact that, at times, he is an eight-year-old child and at other times this sort of avenging angel.  He’s sometimes playful and sometimes incredibly self-destructive and dark and, on occasion, verging on suicidal, but that’s an amazing mixture of things that I find very fascinating.”

Tonight on House, a woman with whom Thirteen had a one-night stand with has a seizure right inside her apartment, thus making House and Foreman speculate about Thirteen’s personal life.  Moreover, Thirteen discovers why the woman wanted to sleep with her.  Catch up with the intrigue tonight at 8pm on FOX’s House.

-Valerie Anne del Castillo, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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Valerie Del Castillo

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