Hot or not? This is the question laid before us so often, but so often is asked of someone who is clearly hot or clearly not. Brad Pitt? Jessica Alba? Why even ask? Clint Howard? Al Roker? Ha ha ha, funny you would ask because, you know, those people are clearly of the Not Hot variety. No! We will not answer the obvious questions. At BuddyTV, we do not shy away from intense, difficult debate. Inspired by Dunder-Mifflin’s fair and balanced Hilary Swank Hot or Not discussion, we have decided to take the most debated celebrities of our time and discuss, in the most intelligent and incisive ways possible, whether these people are Hot or Not. The interweb was invented for matters such as these, matters of grave importance, matters that strain the mind and tickle the loins. Our first subject is one who has inspired contentious arguments the world over for the better part of two decades:

Sarah Jessica Parker, of Sex and the City fame.

Here’s how this will work. Two BuddyTV writers will take opposing sides of the Hot or Not debate, lay down their arguments, and banter back and forth until one side gives up or a brick wall of anger is reached. This is the first in our proposed series of 1,000. Enjoy, sirs and madams.

The Combatants:

Debbie Chang: Sarah Jessica Parker is Hot
Oscar Dahl: Sarah Jessica Parker is Not Hot

Oscar Dahl

Senior Writer, BuddyTV