Something isn’t right in the world of tweens, as they seem to have turned their back on their heroine Miley CyrusReuters reports that according to a survey done on the website, her audience seems to think she’s the worst celebrity this year.  It’s shocking to see these 9-15 year-olds suddenly pointing this out, when they’re the ones who’ve been worshipping the Hannah Montana star ever since she was introduced.

Now, these kids are suddenly saying she’s worse than Kanye West and even Britney Spears.  We all know how those two descended into notoriety, but they can’t possibly be better than Miley Cyrus, can they?

While it seems as though the 16-year-old Disney juggernaut’s popularity is dwindling, the truth is far from that.  Her standing in the polls aren’t hurting her career, even though she’s trying so hard to leap out of that Hannah Montana image to be more mature.

E! News reports that the main reason why Miley was voted the worst celebrity influence in that survey was because of her contenders.  Compared to the other actors targeting a tween audience, she stands out as the little devil in the bunch.

She’s been renowned for controversial photos, from Vanity Fair to the slanty-eye one.  There’s also her pole-dancing gig and the fact that she dated a much older man, which tweens would definitely see in a negative light.

On the list of 2009 teen idols, Miley Cyrus is up against Taylor Swift (no dirt there), the Twilight cast (none, if you don’t count blood-sucking), Justin Bieber (who? oh, some Canadian singer on YouTube) and perhaps Vanessa Hudgens.  Only the last name brings up a PG-worthy issue – the naked photos of her that leaked online.

Stephanie Cohen, editor of the AOL blog which performed the survey, shared her thoughts on why Miley was the one who ranked the worst influence.  “Miley is in this transitional period where she’s trying to shed the Hannah Montana image,” she said.  “Some of her fans just don’t want her to grow up.”

Well that settles it.  It looks like those tweens aren’t too keen on growing up as well, even though we all know how quickly they’re “maturing” these days.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Reuters, E! News
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