Nowadays, many celebrities are considering cosmetic surgery mostly to improve their appearance.  But for Ashley Tisdale, who recently got a nose job, her decision to go under the knife goes beyond aesthetics.

In an interview with People magazine, the 22-year-old High School Musical actress shares her agonizing surgical experience and explains why she had to undergo a rhinoplasty procedure.

Tisdale underwent a rhinoplasty procedure on November 30, accompanied by her mother, Lisa, during the five-hour operation.  According to Tisdale, it was done for health-related reasons.

“Growing up I always knew I had a deviated septum on the right side of my nose, which caused trouble breathing,” the High School Musical star told People.  “The older I got, the worse it got.  I went to get it checked out, and the doctor told me the septum was 80 percent deviated and that I had two small fractures on my nose.”

Tisdale was anxiously worried before the operation, and though the procedure went smoothly, she was still uneasy after the surgery.

“I was completely scared.  I wasn’t looking forward to the surgery at all.  I actually had trouble sleeping for a week before,” she explained.

“I’m not feeling great today,” she said at that time.  “It’s uncomfortable and I hope this is the only time I ever have to go through something like this.”

Despite the upshot, Tisdale would not recommend it to anyone and emphasizes that she’s still not an advocate for plastic surgery.  And unlike other celebrities who deny and conceal their aesthetic enhancements, Tisdale has come out in the open to make sure her impressionable young fan base knew her motivation.

“I didn’t do this because I believe in plastic surgery.  I did this to help my health.  I literally almost could not breathe out of the right side of my nose.  I want my fans to know the truth.  I’m not someone who is going to act like I had nothing done.  I just want to be honest because my fans are everything to me,” she said.

At present, Tisdale is in the process of recovery but is expected to fully recuperate by the time High School Musical 3 begins shooting early next year.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: People
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