Today’s Days of our Lives episode begins with Belle (Martha Madison) and Shawn (Brandon Beemer), who are at the pub dressed to the nines for their high school reunion.  Bo (Peter Reckell) and Hope (Kristian Alfonso) walk in with Sierra in their arms, and they explode in compliments about how great they look.  Belle and Shawn leave for their reunion, and Abe Carver (James Reynolds) comes in to talk to Bo and Hope.

Lucas (Bryan Dattilo) is freaking out because he just found out that the police traced Kate’s (Lauren Koslow) gun.  Outside of the pub, Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) is also freaking out to think that someone would want to hurt them enough to cut the breaks on her car.  Uncharacteristically, Steve (Stephen Nichols) is not going ballistic.  Instead, he calmly wants to get a head-start on making a baby in the backseat of their tampered car.  But, um, it’s parked right in front of the pub!  In public!

Sami (Alison Sweeney) comes home with the twins and checks in on EJ (James Scott).  He asks her to stay, but she says that she was planning on taking a walk with the babies.  He asks her if she’s avoiding him, and she absentmindedly says no, she’s not.

Bo and Abe agree that Lucas should be added to their suspect list in EJ’s shooting.  Bo also reports that there is a high-resolution medical scanner that may be able to pick up markings on the bullet lodged into EJ’s spine.

Kate tells Lucas to get rid of his gun, but he can’t because its on the back of a delivery truck, in a package that he sent to himself.

EJ is concerned about whether Sami is faking her feelings for him.

Belle and Shawn arrive at the reunion and two of Belle’s chick friends gab and gush about how Belle and Shawn are now married.  Shawn escapes all the girl-talk by going inside.  He walks around and sees some old guy friends.  Shawn runs into one of his old friends, Kevin, who happens to be the worst actor in all of Days of our Lives history, quickly usurping Lindy Elroy from yesterday.  Belle’s friends tell her that she’s an inspiration to all of them.  Another girl comes in, a slutty red-head named Cynthia, looking for Philip Kiriakis (Jay Kenneth Johnson), whom she hears is still as hot as ever.  Speak of the devil, Philip comes sauntering by.  He and Belle exchange significant looks.  An old teacher, who is now assistant principal, also stops by and exchanges pleasantries with the ladies.

Inside, Jason makes snide remarks to Kevin, and then attaches himself to Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) who comes in just now.  Chloe flashbacks on her run-in with Belle and Philip at the airport hotel as she stares across the room at Philip.

Hope helps Caroline (Peggy McCay) clean up.  Caroline prattles on about how Shawn and Belle look so happy and how Shawn picked the right girl.  Hope gets a concerned look on her face, and tries to cover up.  Hope notices that Steve and Kayla’s car are still outside, even though they left the pub ages ago.  Out in the their car, Kayla and Steve discuss how they should get busy with conceiving their child.  When the Volvo’s a rockin’, don’t come a-knockin’!  And the Volvo is indeed rockin’.

Kate ridicules Lucas about sending the gun to himself.  The doorbell rings, and it’s EJ who is dropping by with a package for the babies.  But inside the package is a baby monitor.  From EJ’s apartment, he overhears Kate talking about the package with the gun.

Kayla and Steve are in the middle of their babymaking when a concerned Hope walks by and opens the door.  She quickly slams the door closed after Kayla and Steve yell at her to go away.

Cynthia the slutty redhead puts her flirt on for Philip, but is interrupted by Chloe who tells her to keep her paws off of him.

Lucas is on the phone, trying to track the package that he sent, when Bo and Abe come by with a warrant to search the place.  EJ hears that they are looking for Lucas’ gun.  Lucas denies owning a gun and even knowing what they are talking about.  He offers to wait in the hall while they search, which tips off Bo and Abe that the gun is probably not there.  Across the hall, EJ realizes that Lucas might have been the one who shot him.

Kayla comes in, embarrassed that Hope caught her in the act.  Hope teases her, but promises to keep her secret.  Kayla asks how Belle and Shawn are doing, and Hope tells her that Belle was with Philip the night before the wedding, and now she doesn’t know what to do.  Kayla thinks she should tell Shawn.

At the reunion, Chloe and Philip talk when Belle interrupts them to tell them that Mr. Wood is going to give out awards soon.  Philip goes inside, giving Chloe the opportunity to ask Belle point-blank about what is going on between her and Philip Kiriakis.  Belle denies everything, and asks why Chloe was flirting with Philip in the first place.  Chloe says that she and Brady aren’t married anymore.

Lucas tells Sami, who comes home, that Bo and Abe are searching the apartment for a gun that they think was used to shoot EJ.  Sami thinks that this is all Kate’s fault, and brings the twins over to EJ’s apartment.  Lucas is very stupid.  He’s tracking down the package out in the hallway, while the police are still in his apartment.  He asks the shipping company to leave the package at the warehouse instead of bringing it to his home.  He reads tracking number to the person on the phone, and EJ eavesdrops and writes it down as well.

Belle is indignant on her brother’s behalf that Chloe divorced Brady.  But Chloe accuses Belle of lying to Shawn, and threatens to tell him about her meeting with Philip at the hotel.  She goes inside to talk to him.

Kayla advises Hope to think about telling Shawn about Belle’s infidelity.  Steve comes in and says that the mechanic believes that someone tampered with their breakline.

Lucas tells Kate that the package is still on the truck, and they’ll call him when it’s ready to be picked up.  The police have finished their search and walked off with some of his stuff.  EJ daydreams that Lucas was the one who shot him, and that Sami helped him cover it up.  He imagines that Sami pretended to fall in love with EJ.  In real life, Sami walks out of the bedroom and asks EJ if something is wrong.  EJ says that he gets the impression that he can’t trust her.

The awards are being announced at the reunion.  At the same time, Chloe tells Shawn that she saw Belle in her hotel with Philip.  Just as the award giver is announcing Belle and Shawn as the best couple, Shawn asks Belle if she’s sleeping with Philip.  Oh, the irony.

Next on Days of our Lives: Kayla and Steve tell Bo about their breaks, EJ doesn’t believe that Sami wasn’t involved, EJ tells Billie that he didn’t shoot EJ.

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