It’s finally here, the Heroes Volume 2 finale.  The long nightmare finally ends with one last showdown at Primatech Paper in Odessa.  What happens when Peter (Milo Ventimiglia) and Hiro (Masi Oka) go mano-a-swordo?  How many more useless characters will Sylar (Zachary Quinto) kill?  Will anyone give a crap about Niki (Ali Larter) and Micah (Noah Gray-Cabey) trying to save Monica (Dana Davis)?

Much as I may have hated on this show this season, I’m really hoping they turn it around and show us they have something good planned for the future.  Maybe it will be the inverse of season 1 and they’ll have a horrible build-up with a great finale.  I’ll be here throughout the episode providing my live commentary on this finale.

Mohinder (Sendhil Ramamurthy) comes home and Sylar is awesomely evil, full of ticking clocks.  Is this show anti-gay marriage?  Sylar and Maya (Dania Ramirez) make better parents for Molly than Parkman and Mohinder, cooking food and staying in instead of going out for their own personal goals.

Maya lets it slip that Sylar is powerless, which is so cool.  So he pulls a gun, which is not a power, but close enough.  Maya is upset with Sylar.  She gets some Black Eyes, hurting Mohinder and Molly.  She stops, and we’re avoided the first two casulaties of the night.

The awesome team of Parkman (Greg Grunberg) and Nathan (Adrian Pasdar)  are chatting to Mama Petrelli, asking how long they must suffer for her generation’s mistakes.  Ooh, “Generations,” the theme of this volume!

Mama Petrelli says she initially started to help Adam fix the world, but then he turned, and she realized how wrong it was.  She tells them where the Virus is, and that one bullet through his head will kill him.  To save Nathan’s feelings, Angela sends a thought to Parkman: he has to kill Peter too if he doesn’t help.

The Hiro/Peter showdown has lots of teleportation and time freezing.  Peter zaps Hiro unconscious, so Adam (David Anders) wakes up and reclaims his sword.

Claire (Hayden Panettiere) is digging through HRG’s things, to find the proof to tell the world about evolved humans and what the Company is doing.  Her mom cries a lot.

At the Company, Bob benches Elle (Kristen Bell).  She starts getting weepy and apologizes, and Bob is a cruel dad.  Aw, I still love Stephen Tobolowsky.

Elle goes to HRG (Jack Coleman) to ask what Bob did to her.  She plays with her electricity to threaten him, but HRG is five times the man she is, even with her power.  He tells her how they used cruel experiments to test her powers.

Bob shows up to ask about what Claire knows.  HRG really doesn’t care.  He is such an awesome prisoner.

In the Big Easy, Micah wants Niki to rescue Monica.  Niki says she’s powerless, but Mohinder is his way (NOT!).

Peter and Adam are slicing and dicing their way through security at Primatech.  These two are so bad ass.  And pretty.

Adam does some smooth talking to get Peter to open the door with his mind, and Peter goes along with it because he’s stupid.

Sylar takes Mohinder to his lab, aka Isaac’s loft.  Sylar loves the Generations poetry that Mohinder’s dad helped him to train his gift, now the son is restoring it.

Elle sneaks into the records room, and spies on Mohinder’s lab.  She sees Sylar, and Elle, trying to win her father’s love, runs off.  NO!

The thugs are getting ready to kill Monica, dousing the room they have her in with gasoline.  Micah is tracking her cell phone using his techno-gift.

Nathan flies Parkman to Odessa, which is cool and kind of awkward.  Parkman tells him about needing to kill Peter, and Nathan vows to take care of it.  Hiro wanders out and is excited to see “Frying Man!”  Parkman has no idea who this Asian dude is.  Wow, two seasons in, and only now are these two major characters meeting.

Claire is packing with West.  He leaves, and HRG shows up!

Mohinder figures out Sylar has the same Virus as Niki, so the Company injected him.  I sure wish we saw that in the “Four Months Ago” episode.  Maya has Molly find her brother, but discovers he’s dead.  She’s pissed at Sylar, so he shoots her!  MAYA IS DEAD!  BOTH WONDER TWINS ARE DEAD!  SYLAR IS THE BEST CHARACTER EVER!

The Bennets are confused by HRG’s resurrection, but he explains about Claire’s blood.  He begs Claire to stop from exposing the Company.  He made a deal: get her to stop, he goes back with them, and the Bennets live safely ever after.

In Odessa, Peter opens the door, but Hiro shows up again to stop him.  That goes wrong.  Parkman shows up to mind meld with Peter and explain that Adam is evil.  Peter doesn’t listen and sends him away.  Nathan shows up, and says the same stuff, using the brother card.  My computer acted up a bit here, freezing, so I hope I didn’t miss anything huge.

Hiro, meanwhile, goes after Adam in the safe and vows to kill him like he should have long ago.

Adam drops the vile and they teleport away, I guess, but Peter is back to normal, and he rushes back to prevent the Virus from breaking.  He destroys the Virus by absorbing it.  Parkman is upset at their parents and is more interested in the rest of the stuff in the safe.

Nathan wants to hold a press conference and expose everything.  A security camera watches these three hatch their plan.  Parkman looks uneasy.

Back in the loft, Sylar wants Mohinder to inject Maya first.  DAMNIT, MAYA ISN’T DEAD!  Elle shows up and Sylar gets a shot off, but she electrocutes him.  The blood is destroyed, and Mohinder is upset because he remembers Niki.

The thugs in New Orleans burn the house down, using the St. Joan comic as tinder.  Niki stops the thug and kicks him, stealing his gun.  Niki sees the burning building and rushes in to save him.  Hey, didn’t D.L. get a medal for rushing into a burning building?

Monica escapes, but Niki is trapped in the burning building.  Then it explodes.  NIKI IS DEAD!  OK, that probably doesn’t need all caps, since we all saw it coming.

Hiro is back in Japan.  Looks like he trapped Adam in a grave, stuck for eternity.  Poor guy.

In the loft, Sylar is gone, and Elle is upset, until Mohinder says she saved their lives.  DAMNIT ELLE, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR SAVING MAYA’S LIFE!

At the Odessa Police Station, Nathan and Peter share a tender brother moment.  Then Nathan gets on TV and gives a beautiful speech about how ordinary people have extraordinary powers.  Nathan is about to tell the world hee can fly, but before he can, he’s SHOT!  NATHAN PETRELLI IS ASSASSINATED!

Mama Petrelli is on the phone with someone, saying it was unavoidable, but they’ve now opened Pandora’s box.  END OF VOLUME 2.

Volume 3: “Villains.”  Sylar injects himself with the blood  and his powers are back!  I’ll admit: I LOVE the title of Volume 3.  Let’s just hope it delivers.


-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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