In last week’s “Cautionary Tales” episode, viewers saw Elle (Kristen Bell) and Claire (Hayden Panettiere) together in a scene for the first time.  In a plot that leads to the death of HRG (Jack Coleman), at least initially, Company men Mohinder (Sendhil Ramamurthy) and Bob (Stephen Tobolosky) swapped Claire for Bob’s daughter Elle, who is being held captive by Claire’s dad HRG.  Elle knows all about Claire, but Claire has no idea who Elle is, and despite the fact that the two super powered daughters did not converse with each other in their first encounter, they have a very strong connection that goes beyond the present time.

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Although Elle, who has the power of electric manipulation, and Claire, who has a regenerative ability, differ in many ways, they actually share similar storylines.  While HRG didn’t turn Claire into the Company to protect her, Bob allowed the Company to turn Elle into a lab rat, which eventually led to her sadistic and twisted personality.

“Our characters are going to have a very interesting relationship.  We relate to each other… we get each other,” Panettiere told TV Guide.

“The whole idea is that Elle and Claire are two sides of the same coin,” Bell added.  “We’re definitely connected.  Our dynamic will change over the course of the next few episodes.  Just wait. You’ll find out that Elle holds the key to Claire’s future.  I have a [present] with Peter and a past with Claire’s dad and a future with Claire.”

As Heroes‘ volume 2 comes to a close, mysteries will be solved and certain plots will wrap up, which paves the way for new stories to unfold.  So far, “Truth and Consequences,” which airs on November 26, and “Powerless,” which airs on December 3, are the two remaining episodes of season 2.

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-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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