Previously on Heroes: Adam and Peter set out to change history, and Adam started by killing Kaito Nakamura, which Hiro witnessed. Niki injected herself with the Shanti Virus, Micah was hanging out in the Big Easy with some boring relatives, and Sylar and the Wonder Twins were STILL traveling to New York City. Mohinder shot HRG and Claire thought he died, but we know he’s alive, hooked up to an IV of Claire’s regenerative blood.

Peter (Milo Ventimiglia) is having flashbacks (flash forwards?) to when Caitlin was torn away from him in the future.  He wakes up, and Adam (David Anders) is interested in how the Shanti Virus killed everyone.  Adam exposits that Victoria Pratt was a biological engineer who first procured the Shanti Virus from Mohinder’s sister.  Adam blames the Company for creating the Shanti Virus and destroying the world.

Victoria Pratt is holed up in some cabin, and Peter and Adam find her.  Peter confronts her and explains about the Shanti Virus, but she draws a gun on him and herds him inside.  Victoria was friends with his parents and knew “what they were capable of,” and Peter delivers the most inappropriately funny line of the show: “The last time I saw my mother was a year from now.”

Peter goes out to tell Adam she said the Virus was in New Mexico.  Adam notes there is no facility there, and then he gets shot by Victoria’s rifle.  She and him have bad blood, and she shoots Peter too for good measure.  She says she always knew the only way to kill him for real is to blow his head off, but Peter knocks her out before she can.  Inside, they tie her up and tells Peter that Adam tried to release the Virus, but he claims the opposite.  Peter buys his story, and uses his Parkman ability to read her mind and discover the Virus is in Odessa.  She frees herself and tries to shoot Peter, but Adam blows her head off first.  Too bad, I was really liking her.

In California, Bob (Stephen Tobolowsky) is paying his condolences to the Bennet family, giving them HRG’s “cremated remains.”  Bob promises to let the Bennets lead a normal life to respect HRG’s wishes, but Claire (Hayden Panettiere) isn’t happy.  In the car, Bob tasks Elle (Kristen Bell) with watching Claire over the next 24 hours.  She’s snark-tastic as usual.  While packing, West comes over to comfort Claire.  She whines that losing her dad is the worst pain she’s ever felt.  Claire wants the Haitian to come and wipe her memory of HRG.  West says that isn’t the answer.  Claire dumps her dad’s “ashes” into the ocean, and correctly blames her selfishness for his “death.”  It’s about time she took responsibility for being the cause of most of the problems on this show.

Claire sees Elle spying on her and confronts her.  To get safety, Claire vows to show the world what she can do to make the world believe her story.

Shirtless, zombie HRG (Jack Coleman) wakes up to see Mohinder (Sendhil Ramamurthy) helping him.  Mohinder explains that he was saved by Claire’s regenerative blood, and HRG is upset that they touched his daughter, but Mohinder seems to be playing triple or quadruple agent.  HRG yells that the Company created the Shanti Virus and cannot be trusted.  So the choice is to believe evil Adam and good HRG, or trust noble Mohinder and questionable Bob?  Mohinder uses Claire’s blood and discovers it mixes with his blood as a cure for the mutated Shanti Virus.  Mohinder orders Bob to help him find every strain of Virus and destroy them.

Hiro (Masi Oka) and Ando (James Kyson Lee)are trying to figure out how to avenge Kaito’s death, and figure out that Kensei’s healing ability has allowed him to survive for 400 years.  They go through Kaito’s things and fine a photo of him with Adam Monroe, and a note saying Adam was locked away on November 2, 1977 at Primatech Paper.  Hiro goes back to that day to watch his dad lock up Adam.  Then he sees Kaito talking to a young Victoria Pratt, who is injured, but insists the Virus must be destroyed.  She suspects others helped Adam, but Kaito is content to lock the Virus away in the Odessa branch.  Hiro fiures that’s where Kensei is heading, so he time warps there.

In New Orleans, Micah (Noah Gray-Cabey) and Monica (Dana Davis) are looking at the St. Joan comic book to get insight into her powers.  Niki (Ali Larter) shows up, and it’s a nice mother-son reunion.  She tells him about how she has the Virus, but Mohinder is working hard to help her.  He offers to give her his dad’s medal, but his backpack is missing.  His cousin returns to tell him he got jacked by a group of street thugs who stole bag, which had the comic and D.L.’s medal.  Monica comforts Micah that night, and vows to become a vigilante to get the backpack back.

Niki gets the call from Mohinder that the cure is ready, and when she tries to tell Micah, she notices he’s missing, out with Monica.  She dons the hood and looks just like St. Joan before going into the house.  Unfortunately, the thugs roll up when she’s inside.  They grab her, beat her, and throw her in the back of their van.

In Wonder Twin news, Sylar (Zachary Quinto) is making time with Maya (Dania Ramirez), trying to convince her to dump her brother.  Maya starts to freak out, and Sylar goes to his bad place, triggering her Black Eyes.  It’s a test to see if she can save his life by learning to control her power, and she does.  Inside, Alejandro (Shalim Ortiz) shows his sister a photo claiming Sylar is wanted for murdering his mother.  Sylar bursts in and doesn’t even try to deny it.  He makes up a nice story about how his mother turned on him because of his powers and it was self defense.  It gets him into Maya’s good graces because she too knows the regret of murder.  Maya drops her brother like a bad habit, and he storms off as Sylar comforts her to the tune of ticking clocks.

Later, Alejandro returns to kill Sylar, but it goes the other way.  One Wonder Twin down, one to go!  Maya is at the door, so Sylar shows up half-naked, pretending he was in the shower.  She makes out with him to thank him for teaching her to control her power, as any woman would when faced with a shirtless Zachary Quinto.

The episode ends with Mohinder getting a call from Sylar.  He’s busy watching over Molly and blackmails him into coming to help Maya.  Elsewhere, Hiro freezes time at Primatech and is surprised to see Peter.  Peter won’t let Hiro hurt Adam, so Hiro has no choice but to attack.  Peter turns on the electricity while Hiro charges him with Kensei’s sword, and right as they’re about to clash, we cut to black.  OK, that was a pretty cool ending.

Next week on the Heroes finale: we’re promised two Heroes will fall and one villain will rise.  Let’s place our bets now on which two Heroes will fall.  My money is on Sylar and West.

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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