After a run of fairly tame Heroes tid bits, the net is on fire with major Spoilers concerning upcoming episodes, returning characters, and changes of allegiance that you simply will not believe.  With just under two weeks before Heroes returns, prepare yourself for a Heroes spoiler overload.

Many of these come by way of Kristin at E!Online who was a guest on the set of Heroes recently and got some answers to some huge questions.  We uncovered a few things through some of our own exclusive incursions into the world of Heroes which we will be sharing with you soon enough.  In the meantime, however, here come some details on Heroes short-term future that will blow your

How about a little resurrection action?  Remember Simone, the one Isaac shot and killed?  The one who wanted to go public with the Heroes?  Turns out she might have some death defying abilities of her own, abilities she shared with her father as well.  Kristin is claiming that not only will Simone return for the finale, but she will be on the dark side.

Dark side?  You ask?  Look for some ‘Heroes’ to make some decisions that will put them on the wrong side of the tracks.

In other news, episode number 21, which is not titled to my knowledge, will be a flashback episode for everybody’s favorite cannibal Sylar; and no, the cannibal thing has not been confirmed – yet – I’m just being cheeky.  

Now on the more exclusive side of things, here is the big question everybody wants answered:  will someone be going boom in the finale?  Many of you seem to be thinking this is a no-brainer, would it surprise you if I said ‘Yes’?  A highly placed source says that someone is going nuclear at the end of the year.  Where?  When?  Why?  That is an unknown. Also, remember that Tim Kring said Heroes would die.  How can they protect themselves from a nuclear blast?

– Jon Lachonis
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