“Every actor should realize that at some point their ticket might come up,” Tim Kring, creator of Heroes, told Sci Fi Wire this weekend, saying that they’d told all of the Heroes actors “fairly early on” that there was a strong possibility that their characters would not make it to the second season.

With the season finale coming up, it’s starting to look like maybe none of them will.

“The whole thing converges in New York,” said Kring, referring to the impending explosion that many of the Heroes are already working to avoid. “They’re all there, and all of them play a role. Even though some may feel like they’re less significant to the final event, when you analyze it, each one had to play that role in order for the final event to be solved, and so there really was a kind of destiny quality to them coming together and having each one fulfilling…one specific role.”

Titles have now been announced for the remaining episodes of the season: After “.07%” comes “String Theory” and then the three-part season finale “The Hard Part,” “Landslide,” and “How to Stop an Exploding Man.” “Landslide” is currently in production; all three episodes of the finale are scheduled to air in May.

Kring says the season finale will wrap up some parts of the storyline, but also serve as a cliffhanger for some of the characters, and that it will be a “shocking sort of spoiler for what season two is going to be. A premonition of what we’re calling Volume Two.”

Rumours have said that season two of Heroes may follow a different group of heroes; this doesn’t bode particularly well for the current cast. However, this is still just a rumour. And as for the confirmed death of at least one of the Heroes in the finale? Well, back to Tim Kring for that.

“On a show like Heroes, you may not always [stay] dead. And with our ability to go back and forth in time, you may be dead, but you may show up on the show a few more times.”

-Mel, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

Source: SCI FI Wire


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