For Heroes fans, April 23rd is a long ways off.  That is how long you will have to wait for the new episode of Heroes to air.  Now, we are pleased to present something that will make April 23rd seem a whole lot further off, a blow by blow description of the first few minutes of Heroes .07%.  Read on to torture yourself.

When we left Nathan and Lindermann, the mysterious mobster was offering Nathan the keys to the White House.  He also was fessing up to having full knowledge of the specials and their powers, including Nathan and his Brother.  When Heroes returns, Lindermann will continue that monologue by admitting that he himself has powers.  He discovered this a long time ago, and at the time tried to form a collective of similarly affected people to bring their powers together for good.  But some of them got greedy and formed a splinter group.

Lindermann leads Nathan into his art gallery, without revealing his powers I might add, and shows him Isaacs paintings.  Lindermann reveals that the ability to paint the future is not unique to Isaac,  in fact it goes way back in history.  Their ascension was foretold in the days of the ancients.

Amongst the paintings is one of Nathan in the White House, presumably as President.  Nathan points out the bomb in New York and asks if what Lindermann has in mind is worth all that destruction.  At this point Lindermann pulls the title of the episode out and states that the people that die in that explosion will be .07% of the population, a small price to pay for the new order that Nathan and his team of ‘specials’ will bring to the world.

Okay so now we know pretty much where the Heroes story is going, the question is just what is Lindermann’s depth?  Is Primatech the greedy offshoot, or is there yet another group of specials.  April 23rd seems a little farther away now, doesn’t it.

– Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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