Season One of Heroes is far from over, but details have already emerged concerning the Heroes Season One DVD Box set.  In an interview with Wizard Jack Coleman, who plays the villainous H.R.G guy let slip some details on what to expect in the form of extras from the set.  Read on for details.
During the course of the interview, Coleman had this to say about what will surely be one of the most anticipated box sets of the summer:

Yes. There is all the sort of [electronic press kit] stuff that we’ve been doing behind the scenes, and it’ll be fascinating to see when the DVD set is put together for the first season or however they’re going to do it. There has been plenty of stuff and interviews and behind-the-scenes stuff, and also probably some scenes that didn’t make it and just sort of an exploration of the first season. That will be fascinating to see.

I checked for a heads up on the release date of Heroes Season one, but couldn’t find any release date so far.  Furthermore, scouring of NBC’s press relations site turned up no info on the box set.

In addition to Jack Colemen’s statement, Universal made a wider statement reported in Variety a few weeks back that they would be backing away from Blu Ray format and embracing, instead, the competitive HD-DVD format, including for it’s television series box sets.  While the studio has yet to announce any simultaneous releases, Heroes fans are hopeful that the series will debut in a High Definition format.

Sales for Heroes the complete first season will be worth watching out for as the series has proven to be one of the most popular news shows of the season.  Among freshman outings, Heroes was among the very first to be given a guaranteed second season.  Many attribute its success to its improvements over the LOST formula,  offering viewers answers at an equal rate as it poses questions.

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