For weeks Heroes has promised us a major character death, and for weeks nothing has happened. The anticipation turned us Heroes fans into blood thirsty maniacs, crying for the crimson to spill. Finally, this week, in Heroes ‘Unexpected’, the unexpected finally happened… somebody flied, and somebody died. But it might not be the last Heroes death in the near future…

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Spoonerstreet said: I love how Hiro and Ando were somehow able to be in the middle of a gunfight with exploding cars and the po…

Soultrance said: I love this show and I think it was one of the best episodes to date. The way the writers cram all the best…

Jean said: the haitian didn’t ask if she wanted to know a secret, he asked if she could keep a secret.

‘Unexpected’ was, again, another plot-dense foray in the world of our Heroes. As usual, one set of Heroes sat out the evening, in this case Nikissica. Plot advancement was good, tension was good, action was high, and drama was at times quite piqued.

We caught up with Ted the nuclear guy who meets an all new hero, Hannah. A decidedly Aeon Flux looking babe with the ability to transmit and receive electronic messages (yawn.) She reveals to Ted that the marks are the result of a tracking device. Graphic novel readers have reason to be suspicious of Hannah, since she was actually trained by H.R.G and acts like she doesn’t know him. Crafty little minx.

Matt’s diamond adventure comes full circle when his wife discovers one of the rings and goes to have it sized, thinking it is a gift from Matt, and finds out it is worth $40k. Matt gets off the hook when he receives a call from Ted asking to meet up.

Claire is in a tizzy when her mother starts having some spontaneous memory problems and collapses. At the hospital she discovers that mom has a couple of bruises on the brain. Seems Haitian guy’s power isn’t so innocuous after all. When she tries to tell the doctor about Haitian dude’s mind wipe spree, the doctor – naturally – doesn’t buy it.

In New York Isaac is meeting up with H.R.G and Haitian dude over Peter. He has finally figured out that Peter is invisible. The word invisible brings up gleam to H.R.G’s eye. Seems they thought Claude was dead. H.R.G gives Isaac a gun and tells him to shoot Peter if he shows up.

Hiro teams up with the guy who does the voice of Patrick Starr on Spongebob to hunt down Ando and ‘Hope’. Seems like she has stolen some booty from the casino, but Mr. Starr isn’t so innocent either. He wants his cut. When they finally catch up some gun fighting ensues and Hiro is able to summon his power in time to save their lives. Ando does suffer a superficial wound and this leads Hiro to decide to leave Ando out of his mission. He hopes a bus back to Vegas and leaves Ando and the Versa behind. H.R.G shows up an tries to take out Peter and Claude but peter is now getting pretty good with his powers. He uses Sylar’s telekinesis to bat away some electrified darts and Nathan’s flight ability to fly Claude to safety. Claude is quite shook up by the appearance of H.R.G and decides it is time to bail on Peter.

Sylar and Suresh find a special in Montana with super hearing. Sylar kills her, no surprises here, and Suresh is still blissfully ignorant to all the signs that Sylar is a madman. Not much advancement in the unholy alliance here other than now Sylar has a power which is proving to be pretty disabling.

Ah, the death. Peter shows up at Isaacs studio convinced that Isaac turned him in, which he did. Peter turns invisible and taunts Isaac who picks up a gun and shoots wildly, turning to see that he has shot Simone. Yup, two good shots through the chest and she dies stone cold in Peter’s arm. There is an exchange of glances between the two that says there is going to be some more action, but we cut away before any fists fly.

Back at H.R.G’s house, they bring Claire’s mom home, things are tense between Claire and H.R.G as she has now openly blamed him for mom’s condition. Before they can carry their argument any further though, Matt, Ted, And Hannah show up and take the family hostage.

Yes, another great episode. I’ve adjusted to the pace enough to know that nothing too spectacular is going to happen on a sustained basis. I must admit though, I’m a little perturbed that Heroes has taken the LOTS path and ignored plot threads. Remember when Haitian guy said to Claire ‘Do you want to know a secret?’ Well… what the hell was it? Sheesh.

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