This weeks Heroes lead out again insinuated that somebody was going to die on next weeks Heroes.  The new whispered lead line is “Someone will fly, Someone will die.”  Okay, NBC, you’ve been telling us somebody is going to die on Heroes for about, oh, eight episodes now… is it really going to happen, or not?  We scoured the world for the best Heroes spoilers to find out.  Read on to find out what we discovered…

… here is what we know!  (thanks to, Spoilerfix, and Herosite for this info!)

No matter how many times NBC tells us somebody is going to die in an episode of Heroes, we are just never going to believe it.  The fact of the matter is, they lie!  Not only is the major character dying thing a direct LOST knock-off, they have used it to keep audiences on the edge of their seat for weeks now and they now know that Heroes fans will tune in over and over if they just keep telling the lie.  Okay, so they did give us ONE major character death in Eve, but that is not enough to match all this anticipation.  NBC marketing has turned us into blood thirsty trolls.  We want a hero dead, NOW!

Well, it’s not going to happen.  All indications are there is no major character death in next weeks Heroes. NONE! But here is what we can expect:

Hana ‘Wireless’ will show up.  This is the girl who can text message with her brain.  I’m convinced some ‘gifted and talented’ club of sixteen year old prep-students came up with this character.  Personally, I’m turned off by the whole “I have tcp/ip in my dna” concept.  I mean, how does wireless show up in a trace route?  As far as Heroes go, unless she also has a cd burner in her somewhere, I’m moving on.

Hana basically finds nuclear man and starts to dust him off a little.  Of course Nuke dude has started to harness his powers which makes him a more formidable commodity. 

Hiro will finally rescue Ando, but Ando apparently gets beat up pretty badly.  The whole experience makes Hiro question his mission, AGAIN!

So when does somebody die? March 5th, AFTER sweeps!  That’s right, expect NBC to continue to promise Heroes blood shed, but don’t expect it to happen until that episode.  The situation that propels the incident is… well, that will have to wait until next week.

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