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The Heroes season 3 premiere of “Villains” included plenty of new directions for the characters. Hiro has a new nemesis in the form of Speedster Daphne Millbrook, Nathan was brought back to life through mysterious circumstances and Angela Petrelli is full-on evil, revealing she is Sylar’s mother.

Now we’ve segued into the second chapter of Season 3, “Fugitives,” in which Nathan himself has become the villain as he attempts to round up everyone with abilities in a covert and deadly government program. Peter, Claire, and the mysterious “Rebel” fight back while the mysterious Angela and HRG play both sides. And Sylar returns, bigger and badder than ever…

BuddyTV covers Heroes season 3 in-depth, with interviews, recaps, videos and more.

Watch Exclusive Video Interviews:
BuddyTV visited the set of Heroes in late August and attended a special NBC Fall Premiere Party in mid-September to bring you plenty of exclusive video footage of the cast hard at work on Heroes season 3.
-Masi Oka, aka Hiro Nakamura>>
-Adrian Pasdar, aka Nathan Petrelli>>
-Cristine Rose, aka Angela Petrelli>>
-Allan Arkush, Heroes director>>

Read Exclusive Cast Interviews:
-Jack Coleman, aka Noah Bennet (HRG)
-Brea Grant, aka Daphne Millbrook
-James Kyson Lee, aka Ando Masahashi

Watch Full-Length Heroes Episodes:
Thanks to a partnership with Hulu.com, BuddyTV offers you free, full-length episodes of Heroes to watch whenever you want, available the day after they originally air on TV.
– Watch the 5 latest Full Episodes of Heroes>>

Read Detailed Recaps of Heroes Episodes:
We watch and recap every episode in detail so you read up on anything you may have missed. Not only are these recaps fun to read, but they’re published the same night the episode airs.
Volume 3: “Villains”
– Episode 3.1, “The Second Coming”>>
– Episode 3.2 “The Butterfly Effect”>>

– Episode 3.3 “One of Us, One of Them”>>
– Episode 3.4 “I Am Become Death”>>
– Episode 3.5 “Angels and Monsters”>>
– Episode 3.6 “Dying of the Light”>>
– Episode 3.7 “Eris Quod Sum”>>
– Episode 3.8 “Villains”>>
– Episode 3.9 “It’s Coming”>>
– Episode 3.10 “The Eclipse, Part 1”>>
– Episode 3.11 “The Eclipse, Part 2”>>
– Episode 3.12 “Our Father”>>
– Episode 3.13 “Dual”>>

Volume 4: “Fugitives”
– Episode 3.14 “A Clear and Present Danger”>>
– Episode 3.15 “Trust and Blood”>>
– Episode 3.16 “Building 26”>>
– Episode 3.17 “Cold Wars”>>
– Episode 3.18 “Exposed”>>
– Episode 3.19 “Shades of Gray”>>
– Episode 3.20 “Cold Snap”>>
– Episode 3.21 “Into Asylum”>>
– Episode 3.22 “Turn and Face the Strange”>>
– Episode 3.23 “1961”>>
– Episode 3.24 “I Am Sylar”>>
– Episode 3.25 “An Invisible Thread”>>

Watch Behind-the-Scenes Footage:
During our set visit, we let Adrian Pasdar lead us around the set to see what’s really going on. We also saw two scenes being filmed, and videotaped them for you to enjoy before they air.
-Set Tour with Adrian Pasdar>>
-Two Scenes from Heroes Season 3>>

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-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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