Details on Universal’s forthcoming HD-DVD edition of Heroes Season one have been made public.  Early reports had indicated the details would be kept under wraps until after the San Diego Comicon, where fans attending will be able to get their first look at the coveted HDTV goodness first hand.   Aside from the ultra high resolution 1080p format, the set boasts online features available exclusively through the HD-DVD disk.

Heroes is one of the first shows to simultaneously release in standard and High Definition formats.  Universal has aligned itself with the HD-DVD standard at this point, some studios and retail chains have sworn exclusivity to Sony’s Blu Ray format sparking what amounts to a repeat of the VHS vs. Beta format wars of the 1980s.

Heroes marks the first collection that is extensively web enabled.  Native web connectivity is the saving grace for HD-DVD over Blu Ray.  While Blu Ray boasts more storage capacity, which rivals claim is wasted on excessive bandwidth rates, HD-DVD is the only format that has Internet connectivity as a standard function of its hardware spec.

There is nothing to prevent Blu Ray players from creating a scheme for Web Enabled content via Blu Ray equipped PC’s, or even the PS3, but the ability of HD-DVD players to connect is certainly being eyed as a desirable advantage over Blu Ray in a internet connected world.

According to the press release from Universal Home Entertainment “Heroes: Season 1 on HD DVD enhances the home viewing experience with mandatory HD features such as a network connection, picture-in-picture, persistent storage and compelling interactive features. Quality, affordability, and exceptional viewing and listening experiences are widely touted benefits of the HD DVD format. Additionally, the HD DVD version also includes the exciting extras from the standard DVD version including the never aired 73-minute premiere episode with audio commentary by the show’s creator, Tim Kring, 50 deleted and extended scenes, The Making of Heroes, Mind Reader (Matt Parkman’s mind-reading abilities reveal your inner Hero with a series of simple tests) and much more!“

In addition, the set will feature advanced versions of common DVD features, such as picture in picture commentary.  Every one of Heroes HD-DVD 7 discs contains a menu of intensive and unique interactive features.

– Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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Senior Writer, BuddyTV